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  1. haven't got to put my thoughts down yet but holy shit this is sick, potentially the best song they've ever made next to 570 still absolutely hate the first 2 singles (and actually most of their discography) but this is SO good
  2. after the dust has settled I actually really like this EP, it’s not perfect but a few of the tracks here are really good
  3. pretty sure all of them specifically said ‘ONE OF the heaviest’, and this shit djenty as hell already
  4. just a side note that doesn’t mean I like it but objectively it’s a bit better, solid 4-5/10
  5. Production sounds a bit better, song is fine I guess? Lyrics are awful, but this is easily better than anything they’ve done since Austin left
  6. Tyler and AJ sound so sick, guitar seems a bit compressed but this is great, can’t wait to hear more
  7. guitar work isn't quite as interesting as their previous work, but as a radio single this is GREAT
  8. This is a great EP, but like desk said, the production seems so confusingly squashed compared to the previous releases? Aside from that though, the songwriting is so far and above Different Animals, and Myke Terry is SO much better utilized here than on that record. Other than the squashed production and an unnecessarily long interlude though, I'm super happy with this EP. Solid 8/10
  9. UK, been at uni all day working on my thesis and I’m stressed outta my mind
  11. holy hell this is good, hadn't listened to these guys and didn't know they were a DGD side project until today, this is brilliant
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