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  1. for sure, while I do enjoy the production on False Idol a great deal versus their other work it’s definitely not perfect I like the prominence of the bass and general low end on the record a lot though, makes it feel far more punchy than something like Matriarch
  2. this really doesn't sound like any mudvayne that I've ever listened to, no idea what people are talking about LD50 is a nu-metal masterpiece, this is hot garbo chief
  3. hahahahahahahahaha holy fuck track 15 is literally unbelievable
  4. i wanna listen to this because of track 15’s title alone holy shit
  5. okay honestly you can downvote this if you REALLY want but false idol almost objectively has their most dynamic production/best mix, matriarch sounds flat as shit but false idol sounds great. What exactly don’t you like about it, especially versus Eclipse?
  6. False Idol was one of my AOTYs in 2017, this is sick, I’m so happy
  7. new Poppy single 'I Disagree' coming October 4th
  8. absolutely love his voice on this one, the layers of production are brilliant too
  9. damn, these guys are local to me, kinda sucks but I can’t say I didn’t expect it
  10. with some time to mull it over I have come to the conclusion that: don broco are only capable of making high-quality bangers
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