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  1. outsider music takin a whole new form in 2020 "I will only protect, you are my girlfriend" for hardest bar of 2020
  2. this is unbelievably fucking good holy shit
  3. no reason this should exist but it’s serviceable I guess, even if it’s the laziest shit in the world
  4. I could've sworn there was a comma once upon a time but there seem to be no traces of that on their socials
  5. love andy’s vocals, hope they’ll really let him go ham on whatever project they’re working on, dude is a beast with a BEEEG range this is GOOOOD
  6. gonna be the one to defend you here, I think you’re totally right theoretically I should love these singles, but I just... don’t? the vocals don’t do much for me (especially with that strange vocal layer on top, it sounds so weird) and the production is too spacey for this kinda tight djent sound imo they’re great musicians though 110%
  7. this band is a hollow shell of what they once were, such a waste of talent
  8. just came back a bit ago from seeing the documentary at the cinema documentary was great, this was... not why in gods name they decided to make a single which is just three versions of the worst song from their worst album is beyond me
  9. grew up listening to paramore, and after laughter ended up being my second favourite album of the last decade and holy shit, this is AMAZING mega catchy, inventive, infectious and lyrically brilliant; can’t wait to hear more
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