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  1. the instrumental is undeniably hard, but why is this the single they decided to put out?
  2. still one of my favourite Kanye projects, despite what so many other people seem to say
  3. I absolutely love this song (hardly surprising really), such a beautiful piano ballad I can't wait to finally hear the studio version of Blood Sport in 2 weeks, song is so fucking sad and cathartic
  4. and since you don’t like it, no one is expecting you to purchase anything, you have absolutely no obligation the best way to support artists is through stuff like merch and going to shows anyway, and you can do that entirely separate from any specific release you do or don’t like
  5. still really sounds like old Northlane, vocalist sounds familiar but I’m not sure who it is
  6. CJ sounds demonic as ever, prepare for deathcore AOTY 2020 boyz
  7. this is insanely good, I actually think I like this more than the other 2 singles
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