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  1. Only thing she has going good for her is Pete. Fuck her music sucks.
  2. Wow, great job. Never heard from this band but now I'm gonna watch out for more from these guys.
  3. Eskimo callboy We butter the bread with butter Abörted Hitler Cöck The The Anal Vomit Anal Blast Ass Pounder Selfish Cunt FistFuck The CumShots !!! The Child Molesters
  4. Lolololololololololol.. Lololololololololololololol. Not sure there, laughing bud. I only commented on his comment of him saying Jeremy McKinnon's last name wrong, then I was offline for the night.
  5. ......I know haha I'm just messing with you.
  6. I never commented those emojis on this post, don't know what that's about but I'm glad this album is getting awesome reviews. I have yet to listen to it.
  7. Haven't listened 'Yet'. Didn't know they broke up, that's sad.
  8. Just DLed Skipping track 22? - Yep, maybe just delete it right away.
  9. I thought I replied to this, but I know you never said anything about suicide man, I was just saying that to basically say it, it was a statement ok, I was blaming you or trying to start anything with @BRDSX or anyone, just said it to say it, that's all. & I never assumed anyting, I just think in my own opinion that this is Shinoda by himself, no members from LP were involved in this at all & Mike didn't use the name Fort Minor. So why even bring LP or FM into this but its @xdeusx words & opinion & I respect that. What I get from the last thing you wrote @BRDSX (I might be wrong, explain to me) I get that your saying f*ck feelings & he put out this album for $.?
  10. Now this is a girl who has it all.... Looks Vocals Can put out an album other then her first two ep's.
  11. I'd rather have nails hammered into my ears then to listen to this group.
  12. AFYCSO was his best album. 0.000000001 out of 10. Thought it would be less a poppy. He's a 2.0 of that singer in that better band, Patrick Stump