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  1. @ThatGuyOverThere I tend to find myself sitting for hours just going through youtube just looking up ft. Bjorn Speed Strid so underrated in my opinion
  2. Definitely not gonna complain. Bjorns work from Coldseed to Soilwork to Night Flight Orchestra to Disarmonia Mundi. Can never fault his variations in style or vocal range
  3. Just wondering if anyone can get the EP that comes out with this album? Plus I can sense alot of The Night Flight Orchestra in the album... just an observation
  4. In love with this. As if they did 'Jesus built my hot rod' one of my all time favourites, even got some 'bad brains' in there. Definitely worth a hammering
  5. More ballads than I'm used to, but non the less I am not disappointed. Been waiting so long. let's see how quick I learn all the lyrics
  6. hammered it in 12 times already, absolutely love melo deth
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