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  1. This is a tune it's issues as issues
  2. this just solidified my vinyl purchase... if it sounds this good in 128 JUST WOW
  3. that would be me cause this album is sick
  4. NOW THIS SCREAMS EARLY 2000'S so i love it
  5. i liked night driver but it jsut didnt fit them
  6. first single???? a quick look at apple music shows two previous albums
  7. So far at problems and it's quite shit so far
  8. this is back the good times of duality im a fan
  9. Saldy not venue said no phones so people didn't record new songs only the oldie's
  10. I've heard two new songs live with until you hear shipwrecked in Atlantis that is better than this imo
  11. i liked his feature on alone by sleeping with sirens but thats all i liked by him
  12. The fact that rap devil is on this instantly makes it a hard pass
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