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Everything posted by Emopunk182

  1. No it's a band that has lost any effort of giving a fuck and I commend that
  2. Not really lmao If you have read the interviews most of this was written in-between or around album 1 and 2
  3. This is a strong album of the year contender for me
  4. What an album id say it's their best and most varied yet
  5. ok so i have liked everything green day have done even the trio of albums but this this is kinda shit
  6. of cool they with fueled by ramen.... bespite what your saying i dont think they control the bands they sign as much as you think
  7. this is more of a end of spark era song ist not at all how the new album will sound
  8. did eminem just reference i prevail and nine inch nails
  9. This is a tune it's issues as issues
  10. this just solidified my vinyl purchase... if it sounds this good in 128 JUST WOW
  11. that would be me cause this album is sick
  12. NOW THIS SCREAMS EARLY 2000'S so i love it
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