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  1. 9 hours ago, DORBUSCUS said:

    Open Door is a great song, but I do prefer the demo overall. There's just too many people singing at once and it's hard to make out anyone other than this one girl with a loud ass voice. None of it is bad by any means they just don't really fit together. The other songs on the other hand, are boring, and not interesting. Who asked for an instrumental album after 2 years and 2 great singles with vocals. Just incredibly disappointing

    It's more polished versions of the instrumentals he has been making on twitch that would explain why it doesn't really go together and also a lot of the twitch audience wanted this...   It's also why it's called dropped frames

  2. 2 hours ago, ×KING×ReLLIK× said:

    I have to agree with @Alexaln


    The albums after Nothing Personal I only liked a few songs but on this one, I enjoy every track but 'Monsters' that track couldve been so much more without Nothing.Nowhere... dont get me wrong I love Nothing.Nowhere but to me it just didnt mix well. Some tracks took my back to the albums SWIR & NP. Definitely AOTY candidate for me.


  3. 5 minutes ago, Big Johnny McCarthy said:

    Shikari could go back to their roots a little. Don't usually knock bands but The Spark was a let down in comparison to The Mindsweep. Hope this album delivers more like that or A Flash Flood of Colour at least. Can cross my fingers but can't confirm my toes.

    this album has something for everyone acording to band

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