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  1. few listens later i get this album.... its a good albuum
  2. track 1 sounds better than any of the singles also why does i need to know remind me of pvris
  3. this is a pop-ier ablum done right this fucking bangs
  4. SEABOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. oh boyyyyyy im on walk alone and my this feels different to white noise but good at the same time like it has the signature pvris sound just less in your face and more honed in
  6. This is actually a fucking banger I mean I liked legends but this is way less generic
  7. HELLO Lovely.... This is sick live and in recording can PVRIS ever do something shit nope
  8. yes they are back and better than fucking ever
  9. okay close you eyes is shit compared to sweat
  10. Unbreakable was better I'm still a pretty good song
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