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  1. The blues sounds like a song off automatic just heavier
  2. I ain't a fanboy I thought this was gonna be dog shit after young and menace but I actually enjoy it
  3. This is a 9/0 a 10/10 is for folie only
  4. Fucking lit best post hiatus fob album banging tunes for hours
  5. 9/10 are good I'm sure sunshine will warm up to me
  6. I'm gonna give this post a boost over heaven's gate
  7. they were always more pop than punk on pop punk
  8. if this albums anything like blush its gonna be fire
  9. Best of mice and men have ever sounded bring on my vinyl
  10. its like still has some pop stuff from limitless but this time rock amped up to 11
  11. yes this is the one the only Lyndsey Gunnulfsen from pvris
  12. THIS shit is weird but the good kinda weird
  13. aparently the album "Going back to their roots of deathcore, while still throwing in the badassery we know we love"
  14. i bet the deuce track will sound better than the last hollywood undead tho
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