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  1. Hey theories is 6 minutes long not 3 on spotify
  2. got this just for the panic! queen cover wasnt disappointed
  3. does this sound like a restoring force b-side to anyone else
  4. the target edition is technically the full album because in a alt press interview they said that target wanted 2 songs and that mercury is the album fave
  5. also if you want a 320 i have a 320 of the first 10 tracks as that came with my kerrang ages ago
  6. guessing you got it from amazon as its exclusively on there
  7. its out digitally now but thats when the 7in vinyl comes out
  8. mp3 320 cbr cause its perfect balanceof sound and size of file
  9. @@cyanfire same the notification beep pisses me off i think i have a notification
  10. @cyanfire sure was gonna ask if if one of the kl staff wanted em anyway
  11. okay rise is the best track on the album im hyped for my two hmv bonustracks now
  12. once my copy arrives i will have the hmv exclusive with 2 bonus tracks if you want to upload that feel free
  13. area 11 they just dropped a new album
  14. its good but they set the bar to high on duality to beat
  15. surely the second single if life afraid like that poster thingy says
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