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  1. idk i kinda prefer the og but its a cool feature
  2. will this be updated to include the feature?
  3. If you did music production then you would know this is some pretty good production
  4. i never go to leaks for perfect quality ..... as i delete them as soon as its on spotify
  5. sounds finr to my non audiphile ears on my sony 1000xm3's
  6. okay im going in.... sooo far sonderland is a bop telling stories is also a bop not a fan of quarry but its more of a short interlude so who cares what took you so long has a great chorus but the verses are the worst part of it still good tho just the verses are a bit lacking
  7. excuse me i have fucking loved peace and panic and lifes not out to get you and rain rain in july / a history.... whishful thinking not as much tho
  8. WHAT AN ALBUM... every pvris album has such a different vibe ... this album didn't hit as much as wn or awkohawkoh but its still a flawless album in its own regard yes it may be almost 100% pop but its fucking good pop like wow wish you weell is a bamger of an ending... however i must say i liked loveless the least
  9. did warner forget to edit the release on some site or smth i thought the band were behind delay 2
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