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  1. does it sound like a slightly more pop massive attack to anyone else
  2. no they wouldn't tease this for weeks to just be s single
  3. No it's a band that has lost any effort of giving a fuck and I commend that
  4. Not really lmao If you have read the interviews most of this was written in-between or around album 1 and 2
  5. This is a strong album of the year contender for me
  6. What an album id say it's their best and most varied yet
  7. ok so i have liked everything green day have done even the trio of albums but this this is kinda shit
  8. of cool they with fueled by ramen.... bespite what your saying i dont think they control the bands they sign as much as you think
  9. this is more of a end of spark era song ist not at all how the new album will sound
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