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  1. WHAT AN ALBUM... every pvris album has such a different vibe ... this album didn't hit as much as wn or awkohawkoh but its still a flawless album in its own regard yes it may be almost 100% pop but its fucking good pop like wow wish you weell is a bamger of an ending... however i must say i liked loveless the least
  2. did warner forget to edit the release on some site or smth i thought the band were behind delay 2
  3. It's more polished versions of the instrumentals he has been making on twitch that would explain why it doesn't really go together and also a lot of the twitch audience wanted this... It's also why it's called dropped frames
  4. not bad... not bad at all.... until you go back and look at neck deeps previous material
  5. I'm on all due respect and it's not the greatest thing they have done.... But tbh I kinda dig if
  6. this is them close to their prime.... the next album after this is about to be lit
  7. this is far from lazy but sure go off
  8. I need to change my icon thanks for reminding me
  9. Pvris are in an element of their own ... Every album sounds different yet soo pvris and this one may be the best one yet hopefully based on this song
  10. Okay this sounds like the asking I like ... I really like FDTD so this is up my alley
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