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  1. When I saw the length, I instantly knew there'd be an ass long outro again just like the majority of songs in Transmissions. Well, I was right. Other than that, very good song, although I still kinda prefer Manifest.
  2. Counterparts - Wings of Nightmares August 26th
  3. It is like old paramore has split apart from the actual paramore and became it's own band. This is damn good.
  4. Filter VK. So far, it was never wrong about release dates.
  5. Heard it the first time, was meh on it, but now after more listens, this is a bop.
  6. Disciple - "Pay to Win" and "Reanimate" Eskimo Callboy - Hurricane Fit For An Autopsy - The Sea of Tragic Beasts All four coming out August 30th.
  7. Fuck this, just took a listen. It was amazing.
  8. We got three nihilist blues covers in the same year it released - this is probably the sickest of them all. anyways, pls stop covering nihilist blues now
  9. This gives me light-sided Papa Roach vibes. Very christian, but has a catchy vibe to it. Gonna bet with ya'll that this will be on the eventual deluxe edition of Victorious.
  10. Finished the album. It is amazing, for sure. Has a lot of great moments. Favorites are I Am Broken Too, As Sure As the Sun Sets, Ravenous and Bite the Hand That Feeds. Most favorite is either I Am Broken Too or Bite the Hand That Feeds (that fadeout-breakdown at the end, delicious).
  11. Not bad, very chill. Best part are last two minutes. It's a 8/10. That is coming from somebody who never listened to a Tool record in their life.
  12. Unleashed and I Am Broken Too were very good, I am excited to check this one out.
  13. If I were to rank the songs... 1. Redefined 2. My Own Grave 3. This. With that being said, I think this single is great and here's my typical "can't wait for the album".
  14. Just finished this album. Solid metal album I'd say. Favorites: Red Flag, Liar's Funeral, Critical Darling, Not Long For This World (this sounds like a modern metalcore song wrapped in Slipknot's style, really enjoyed it, probably my most favorite) Good tracks: Solway Firth, Unsainted Decent tracks: Birth of the Cruel, Nero Forte, Orphan, All Out Life Okay tracks: The interludes Meh tracks: Spiders, My Pain
  15. Just finished this one. Good rock album, I suppose. Reminded me of Sempiternal and That's the Spirit at some parts, honestly. Best songs are The Hell I Overcame, Blood, Mercy and Said and Done.
  16. Alright, Skillet. You done way better than Unleashed this time, but still not really there actually. But I at least enjoyed it more than I will ever enjoy unleashed. The ending of Back to Life was pretty damn good. Eitherway, the amount of anthems wasn't overwhelming, but please do not do stuff like Finish Line or This Is The Kingdom on the next one. Favorite songs are Victorious, Save Me, Reach and Back to Life, with honorable mentions going to Rise Up and You Ain't Ready. Decent songs were Anchor, Never Going Back. The rest? Meh.
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