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  1. Oh well, at least the dupstep metal style still exists, it's okay. But Fail Emotions is not good anymore, so Fatal FE will now take over. (Sayaka at least didn't lose her head.) (I know, my pic's Homucifer, but eh.)
  2. It's good and kinda bangs, but well, sounds like something I heared before in terms of Post-Hardcore, so...idk
  3. Ohh, not bad! Probably my second favorite of the singles now.
  4. Good song, finally something darker again. But the production...the guitar is not really sounding as full as it's supposed to be.
  5. Feburary 14th - Fail Emotions - Zion
  6. Actually, the album is released through their own label, 3DOT. Anyways, IT'S ON!!
  7. Sounds a bit more cleaner, overall still the same album, so the original charm of the album is kept. I actually consider this being a good thing. Can't wait for a new album. Probably coming even this year.
  8. Oli deathcore-screaming the last words of "Heavy Metal" is something I'll never ever forget. Overall, this album was a fucking banger. Tho Fresh Bruises and Mother Tongue were weaker and the album could have done well without them, but still. It is a blast. A positive blast. 8/10 from my side, my favorites are Nihilist Blues, Sugar Honey Ice n' Tea, Heavy Metal and I Don't Know What To Say.
  9. Tony Harnell? The same one which did "It Doesn't Matter", the theme of Sonic in Sonic Adventure? What does he do around metal?
  10. Periphery - III: Select Difficulty Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire Crush 40 - Rise Again EP Crush 40 - The Best Of Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal uhhh that bout it
  11. Uhh, this single cover is so weird. And it reminds me on Venom.
  12. With Medicine and Resurrection, my day was made.
  13. At least it has the album cover. Not a fan of the single cover. The single itself however kicks ass. It's more poppy, yes, but it's still catchy and very good. I love it. The singles of amo so far are all great and I can't wait for amo tbh.
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