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  1. Really nice, kind of reminds me of Afraid of Heights. If the next album is like a cross between Billy Talent III (as heard on Reckless Paradise) and Afraid of Heights, I think that would be pretty cool.
  2. ...I've lost my shit. 3:32 - 3:58 is the cure for anything bad on this world. Thanks @blaudrache0084 for introducing me into this band. Holy fucking shit. This is fire.
  3. Pretty cool metalcore album, very melodic and kinda gives me Palisades vibes. Favs: Finally Free, Can You Tell, Let It Rain and Too Little Too Late.
  4. Billy Talent - I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better) (April 3rd) Shinedown - Atlas Falls (May 22th)
  5. Die Leere and Würgegriff (Vice Grip) are okay, just not really needed. But I feel like the german/english mix fits very well on "Schattenboxen" (Shadow Boxing), in my opinion it's the best of three german versions.
  6. Decent. They definitely covered better.
  7. One of my childhood bands having a discography. As always, stellar job!
  8. I didn't know what I was thinking, was kinda scared away by the album cover. I know, "don't judge a book by it's cover", but then I was like "right" and then just gave it a listen. And you know? I'm happy I did that. It is a good experimental metal album. Considering I never listened to any album of them except this one, I'm impressed. There's been a song I didn't quite like (Baby Cobra) and two other songs were just "solid", but the rest? Really good. Favs: Thousand Golden People, Guys From The Cord, Junkie$, Freaks
  9. I Prevail seems to love Hurricane a lot, it got two music videos, a reimagined version... Eitherway, that's a really nice acoustic version. I like it.
  10. Classic Lotus Eater. Banging, banging and even more banging.
  11. ah yes, new single of dany worschnop
  12. Finally gonna drop my two cents about this album. Greyview is an amazing album, it has tons of good moments, has one of the best progressive metalcore songs of this year so far (Shapeshifter) and I'd probably prefer it over Everchanger. Haven't listened to Stillworld yet, but I'll do that soon. I kinda got Periphery and ERRA vibes from some songs, namely "Halcyon", "Secret Sun" and "Hollow Light". The singles were good choices and good songs - but they definitely cannot compare to what is on the album. Overall, I think these guys have done a stellar job and I think I might be finding me having this on repeat often. Best songs: Hollow Light, Shapeshifter, Heaven Alone, Secret Sun and Nova.
  13. Update on that: It's called Breaking the Mirror.
  14. So, I did another listen on 320. There's not much left I can say about it, the album's pretty cool. But is it the best Silverstein album? Not really. Still I enjoyed this album and the anticipation ride. Silverstein is one of the bands that I know since my early childhood and it's cool to see they're still making great music. I think I'll keep all songs except Take What You Give and All on Me. Best songs: Where Are You, Shape Shift, Stop and Coming Down. Best single: Madness. Least favorite song: Take What You Give.
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