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  1. This is the wrong band name. The band's actually named "Drag Me Out Before I Fuck Up This Band Again". Song itself is solid, but not the best.
  2. 12 days into 2019 and there is already some sick shit. Now that's what I call an amazing start. Fuck yeah, love this album.
  3. Periphery - III: Select Difficulty Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire Crush 40 - Rise Again EP Crush 40 - The Best Of Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal uhhh that bout it
  4. Hey, a NWTB-Deltarune song. Now that is what I've been waiting for. It's a very good song!
  5. So, I took some time and relistened to Erase the Pain, as I was distracted a lot the first time. It's a good rock album, it has a lot of great moments. There are probably 2 songs which are probably my least favorite on the album (being "Erase the Pain" and "Patient"), but songs like "Shed My Skin" are very good. "War" kind of reminded me of the rock band "We Are The Empty". And can we please talk about how fucking good Shed My Skin's ending is? SEPERATE THE FATE ON MY OWN, SEPERATE THE FATE ON MY OWN! Also, I really liked the screams in the album, they felt quite good. Overall, great rock album. Palisades, you've done well. Favorite songs: Fade, War, Fragile Bones, Shed My Skin (Song marked with italic is my most favorite song on the album.)
  6. Uhh, this single cover is so weird. And it reminds me on Venom.
  7. With Medicine and Resurrection, my day was made.
  8. At least it has the album cover. Not a fan of the single cover. The single itself however kicks ass. It's more poppy, yes, but it's still catchy and very good. I love it. The singles of amo so far are all great and I can't wait for amo tbh.
  9. This...thread is still alive? Nani?
  10. January 3th Bring Me The Horizon - Medicine
  11. Crazeh stuff, love it. Sadly it'll be the very last time we'll hear Chester, may he rest in peace. I'll miss those rough vocals.
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