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  1. Best single of all three so far.
  2. TBH this sounds good Of course, you also have to know that I like Drum N' Bass, so that may be the reason lol
  3. Decent album, has good moments. EXCEPT THE FINAL TRACK. That one is damn epic.
  4. If the third single (Eclipse) will also be a banger, then I'm definitely checking Alien out as soon it's out.
  5. After Bloodline and this, I'm actually interested in Alien.
  6. I didn't really have an album to enjoy this may. Single wise, "Seperate" from UNDER AEGIS.
  7. As Oliver Sykes once said.... "WELL I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY"
  8. This has an ERRA vibe to it. Really cool song, definitively recommended.
  9. Pretty cool song, but that cut off ending is a bit weird...
  10. They're still around? And no, before, anybody assumes, that's not meant to be any hate. I was just wondering because it was pretty silent around them for years.
  11. Come on, as if you wouldn't know what I'd choose. HAIL STAAAAAAAAAAN!
  12. Time to give a full opinion on P4. Short version: It's fucking amazing. Long version: Reptile - This is definitively their magnum opus. This...beast surpassed both Omega and Racecar for me. From the orchestral beginning to the spoken part of Mikee fucking Goodman from SikTH, over the Focus Hour part to the epic "SOIL WE OWNNNN" ending. This song alone shows every reason we love Periphery. It's like they took the feelings of their best songs and merged it into one divine beast. Not gonna say anything too much about Blood Eagle and Garden in The Bones, only that they were probably the best choices for singles and that they are, obviously, sick. This album won't let you get a breather either, CHRVCH BVRNER pretty much slaps you into the face harder than a comet. It's weird, insane and straight out chaotic, along with that eerie dupstep-ish ending. Whoa. Matt probably had a lot of fun drumming. It's Only Smiles is pretty much a heavier Catch Fire. Spencer proves once again that he is one of the best singers of this genre. Pretty epic stuff and the "whoaaaaaa-oh-ohh" part is just straight out beautiful. I almost began crying at the very end. Follow Your Ghost in return knows no mercy, instead it kinda is like a second "The Bad Thing" and has that epic last minute with Spencer screaming "YOUR HERO FALLSSSS!!!" and then a good as fuck guitar solo kicking in. THE PANDEMONIUM IS HIGHHHHH! If you think the next one will slap into your face again, you're right, but not in a way you expect. The cinematic "Crush" guides you with some serious electronica, with some prog. metal leaking in here and there, before it pretty much blows your mind at the last minute, where it suddenly gets all eerie orchestral, where you could just feel like you are watching some unsettling ballet. "Cinematic" is pretty fitting for this one. Sentient Glow, said to be the song which brought Spencer into the band, has Periphery II written all over it. It's fast, groovy and pretty much on the same step of Flatline and Scarlet. Spencer proves that he has a beautiful voice once again and overall, he nailed it more than Chris Baretto did. Satellites is just...I'm speechless for this one. It starts off calm, until the 4:33 mark, where Spencer just passes dimensions with his vocal range and every band member just goes their best one last time, before it calmly ends and leaves you out with a burst of laughter. Suck my balls. Overall, Periphery have shown - once again - what they are capable of. It's on the same level as P3 for me, so the "absolutely godly" level. Combine Periphery II, Juggernaut and Periphery III and you get this beauty.
  13. I so hope this is one of the meh ones. This sounds EXACTLY like Unleashed and while this is not too bad (Legendary's a good song), I kinda wanted a change. But they said they're going heavier with this one. So as Defoe said, maybe the truth lies within the album itself, not the singles...
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