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  1. I literally thought that it would be a nice idea to listen to some older albums before A Beautiful Place drops and, welp, you guys give me the perfect opportunity to do so. Thanks, man!
  2. Can we just wait until the album is out to find out if that is the case or not?
  3. Found out myself after researching Julien-K; always thought it's only one person lol. I may check them out at some point. But I kind of agree, this feels pretty weak.
  4. I like this song, but I am unsure of how some of the Sonic fandom may react, since it's a song you wouldn't expect in a Sonic movie.
  5. Wait. That guy still makes music?! I thought he'd be lost in time between all the new artists and the returning artists. Last time I heard of this guy was in 2012 when I listened to Waking Up, the song he did for Shadow The Hedgehog. (tho that one released in 2005, but you get the deal). Dang. I might be checking that out.
  6. This gives me Billy Talent II and III vibes. That's awesome.
  7. I was not much into After Laughter, but this is actually a pretty catchy pop song.
  8. BMTH did, but this song is literally a german version of an already existing song. Crazy - they evolved so much that they turned german xD
  9. It's nice hearing the song in my mother tongue, but...was it really needed?
  10. Burst


    Damn, that's a pretty good argument. But I personally think 3.
  11. Considering how many people liked P4, it surprises me it didn't get into the final decision. But doesn't matter, P4 will always be AOTY in my heart, no matter what. Though I expected amo or Alien to win and not Slipknot - but I'm definitely not the judge.
  12. It's midnight over here and the song is not a new release on Spotify (and not re-released with the F8 cover either) so yeah, I think it was a little mistake by apple.
  13. Yeah, that's not This Is War. This is "This is My War" - the length is completely different than the length of the song on F8. I don't think they actually have that song on there, besides, the next single is actually "Living the Dream" coming out in Feburary...
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