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  1. Reminder that a softer sound does not equal pop.
  2. To be honest, this hits me kinda hard. I know, it is just a closure of a website focused on leaks, but I've met many great people here, I had fun with saying my thoughts, hyping up music, defending albums that no one liked, only to realize myself they were right (Broken) and all that shit, but alas, 2020 has been a roller coaster. All good things eventually come to an end and I understand this fully. With that being said, thanks for all the stuff you've done for us. All these early leaks, all these great memories. Your work will never be forgotten. Even though I've only been here since 2018, this became one of my most visited websites, just because of my curiousity spiking every now and then. Just, thank you. We will see us on the Discord server then, boys. Rest in peace.
  3. It's a cover from Metallica's Battery, actually.
  4. We Are The Empty - 10,000 Miles January 1st
  5. Fuck yes. Thanks for posting. As a long time Sonic fan, this makes me happy as fuck.
  6. Sam, we know there's dead butterflies, no need to consistently tell us in the bridge. Jokes asides, I dig this one a lot aswell. It has a more melodic, melancholic vibe and seems way more orchestral. So far I really enjoy all of the singles, so I'm actually hyped for the album now.
  7. I knew from the start that they have proper Architects like tunes on the album. I was not wrong. Anyways, I really have a hard decision if I like this or Dead Butterflies more. Because, I love both just so much.
  8. I found Ashes to be very solid, but this. This is the stuff. I agree, that is def a massive step up.
  9. Yes, like a saying of "don't change something that is already perfect".
  10. People always need something to complain about, don't they? I would get the saying of "cash grab" when it would have been a super late deluxe edition (Sumerian Records, I'm looking straight at you), but not for 12 re-recorded songs where some of them even sound better than their OG's. I usually agree with the saying of "if it is not broken, don't try fixing it", but if they do their job well - which they clearly do - let them do so.
  11. So, you think JT wants to burn something down? Eitherway, song's sick. Though I probably prefer Snowblood.
  12. I like this, but the production seems a little bit off. Might just be because of YT though...
  13. Huh, do people really complain nowadays that one gig had to be instrumental cause no one could have foreseen that Spencer would not make it to the next one?
  14. I mean...I don't want to disagree that the old era was truly golden (I grew up with that era, especially LoveHateTragedy), but saying everything since 2010 is garbage is a bold statement.
  15. Sounds a little cleaner and the electronic sounds were a little bit refined. That's all I noticed.
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