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  1. Am I the only one who gets AA5 vibes from this song? Eitherway, I found Degenerates to be very solid, but I dig this one. It's not bad.
  2. This gives me Dangerkids vibes. Funny because Tyler Smyth is the producer once again lol It's a pretty good song, the rapping feels nice and the "WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW?!" part was damn good.
  3. Bury Tomorrow - The Grey (VIXI) - November 29th
  4. Well, now they are back to cover songs I guess Though it is a good cover so I will not complain.
  5. This. He's also overall a very friendly and chill guy. And he is interacting a lot with the fans. One of the best vocalists in the Post-Hardcore/Alt. Rock/Alt. Metal scene imo
  6. If you love rock, or post-hardcore, my god, give them a go. These guys have such an unique sound, very atmospheric. It is so sad they ain't under a label yet. If you like what you hear, please consider buying this album. These guys deserve it 100%.
  7. Yep. Over here in Germany, it's midnight and it's on Spotify already. Eitherway, my own opinion about this song: I guess it is a strong comeback after all these tee-hee's. I'll keep this upcoming album in mind...
  8. Gives me slight vibes of their song "Hope" which is still my fav from them. Great song.
  9. Hey, this is pretty good. Wonder why no one else commented on this. Regret Rewind Retry, The Ocean and Signals are the best three.
  10. Yeah, sure, put out an instrumental (intro song even) as single. At least it seems heavier than the self-titled.
  11. Alright, gave it a few more listens. It's on the same level as Let Light Overcome now for me. The Beaten Path is misplaced. I think Let Light Overcome the Darkness or Hysteria could have ended this thing better. Still big sad they did not put Fantasy Land on this one, so that there'd be 8 tracks on both sides. But that's fine. Eitherway, the entire thing, "Let Light Overcome the Darkness" is their longest album now. I wonder if they will release both parts as one at some part.
  12. Okay, just listened to it. It's great, though a little bit underwhelming, not gonna lie. However, I will try to listen to it in the context of the entire double album. Though, I really liked When Humans Become Our Gods, Losing Sleep, Outnumbered and Hysteria.
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