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  1. > Digital (ft. Periphery) Uhhhhh, it's only Spencer Sotelo featuring, idk why Phase added "ft. Periphery" instead. Digital is pretty good, dunno about the rest.
  2. I was looking forward to this, because of the Remakes of Smile In Your Sleep, My Heroine and Your Sword vs My Dagger. And I gotta say, they are good. The original essence was not damaged, but it sounds up to date. I'm happy.
  3. After some listens, I can say that Reptile, Follow Your Ghost, Crush, Sentient Glow and Satellites are defintively my favorites. PS: Crush's ending seems very ballet-ish to me.
  4. It'll be good, but no album will push P4 from it's AOTY throne for me.
  5. Let Light Overcome and TRAUMA. While She Sleeps could count too.
  6. Definitively diggin' this. Rise Above It, Gasoline, Low and Deadweight are my favs on this one for sure.
  7. So, after a thousand more listens, I can surely say, this is my AOTY currently. i apologise if you feel something - very interesting opener. Love the electronical work in this one. Best interlude of this album. MANTRA - Probably the song which could have been on TTS, aswell. From the singles, this one was my favorite. Very catchy alt. rock with some pop influence, I approve of it. nihilist blues (ft. Grimes) - This song is like the most different song on the album. And it's INSANE. The EDM and electronic works perfectly and the Grimes feature was a damn good decision. in the dark - Jordan said it's a "dark pop song" and not having any guitars, though I would say it's more like a alternative rock ballad if anything. Not a bad song at all. wonderful life (ft. Dani Filth) - This song is probably one of the heaviest, if not, the heaviest track on the album. It's pretty good nu metal which reminds me of Happy Song. And this breakdown...just great. ouch - Love the title of this song. A short "nightcore-ish" song which basically disses on Follow You. There's nothing else to say. medicine - It's a soulful pop-rock song with a high catchyness to it. The only thing's I do not really like are the music video and the cover of the single, they are very weird to me. Otherwise, cool song. sugar honey, ice and tea - I totally can see why a lot of people love this song. It's full of energy, has a very nice vibe to it and is just fun to listen to. The high falsetto somehow works and I don't know, it's just the type of song where you can just shut down and sing along. why you gotta kick me when I'm down? - Oli is able to rap. He proved that in this song. It's so random, it can be considered rap-rock and that's fine, I dig it. The bridge is probably the angriest I heared Oli since Sempiternal. fresh bruises - Not much to say. 3 minute electronic...even if this was not really needed. But it's there. mother tongue - This is the song where people were really split, as it's the poppiest song on the album for sure. It was said it would be the "Drown" of this album, though it did not really have that high energy of "Drown". So I don't know. Song itself has a good vibe to it, but yeah, I kinda expected more energy from this one. heavy metal [ft. Rahzel] - And that is where the "energy" went in. Heavy Metal is one catchy track, somehow a good banger and not even talking about the last 10 seconds of the song where Oli is going all "Count Your Blessings" like again. The beatboxing both feels out of place, but fits somehow. Overall, the song is ironic as fuck and I love it. i don't know what to say - So, I did not know what to think how it could be when I heard about this song, but after listening to it, it straight killed my doubts. It's one beautiful piece of orchestral music, combined with rock. I remember having seen a review of amo and it was technically described as a song where you could close your eyes and imagine you being at a dramatic ballet performance. I went like "what?", but in the last minute, you're just completely mindblown, as the description actually fits somewhat. One worthy finisher of a album and the most beautiful BMTH have sounded since a long time. And the story behind the song is very sad, so here, rest in peace Aiden. So, as you can see, the album really played with my feelings, but overall, probably a hitter of an album. I'd prefer this album over Count Your Blessings, just because it shows how well matured they have become. Every song is different and even if you hate the album, you cannot deny that at least a lot of thought is behind this album. Let's see where BMTH will go next in terms of music.
  8. Been thinking to check this one out. Should I?
  9. Yes, we are listening to the same song. And yes, there are opinions. You have your own, but we have our own, too. Guess that's the only way to explain this really. I know, very crazy.
  10. I'm surprised that this one did not leak. Huh. Anyways, about the song, it's good. Though I somewhat prefer Bow Down and Breaking Down. And yep, it really shows that Tyler Smyth was the producer.
  11. Memphis May Fire covering Linkin Park? And it sounds amazing? Whoa.
  12. Actually, this > Selective Hearing in my opinion
  13. EVERYONE: It's confirmed - Let Light Overcome is a two-parter.
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