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  1. It's interesting. Like, it's not bad by any means, it's actually pretty freaking good, but this song has an interesting vibe to it. It's like a journey, you know? The four singles really showed how the album may be in the end; there was Worldwide Suicide that was pretty crazy, Son of a Witch that had one hell of a catchy bridge and breakdown, then Hellbringer which just was a headbanger and now this. I really like how the songs feel different, but are still IHW-like. This was definitely interesting single choices - well, that means if this is the last single. Bring on Kaliguya.
  2. The "techno crap" was in the live version aswell.
  3. Don't sleep on this! This is a really good album, there's both very melodic and heavy parts. Definitely gonna check out their debut album aswell. Favs: Catalyst, One With the Wolves, Martyrs and Deadlight.
  4. Hell yeah, Curses are back! And they are with Sharptone now!
  5. I think this is a step up from Black Flame, but everything after Better Below was better to me. The first few were cool too, for example, Cannibal is one of my favorite songs on the album, but...not felt it as much as the songs that followed. Overall, it is a cool album and undeniably, it sounds like Bury Tomorrow to me. I think it should be that way. Favorite songs: Cannibal, Better Below, Quake and Voice and Truth. I think Dark Infinite is a honorable mention. I love that breakdown.
  6. Fuck yeah, Breeze! Another cool collection, though I kind of prefer Archives 7 a bit more? Might be just my opinion. Overall, I also really enjoy these re-releases. Finally some gems getting the attention they need.
  7. Another banger from our boys. I really like that breakdown at the end, the vocals give off a fat deathcore vibe.
  8. Right now; I'd say... 1. Trivium - What The Dead Men Say 2. Polaris - The Death of Me 3. Bulb - Archives 7 4. Currents - The Way It Ends 5. August Burns Red - Guardians My most anticipated albums are not out yet; that would be ERRA, that first new BMTH EP, In Hearts Wake and some more, so this will definitely change.
  9. "In Hearts Wake" ohhh nice. I was hungry for some new IHW.
  10. I wonder why I never listened to this. I mean, some of the songs were a bit too long for what they were, but they were nicely balanced with the shorter but more intense songs. I have no reason to complain. Really solid album. Favorite songs: The Offering, Higher, Gods and Take What You Will.
  11. Just finished this album. Somehow, the 10 minute songs were the ones that stood out the most to me. Unpredictable as fuck. I liked it. Overall, really cool listen for prog. metal fans. Really felt like Tool, Dream Theater and Periphery decided to meet and drink some beers. The "Periphery" part would even make sense, considering it's producing mastermind Nolly behind this. Favorite songs: Invasion, Carousel, Messiah Complex
  12. I'm speechless. What did I do to BMTH for them to slap me that hard? Jesus christ. This is insane.
  13. Ah, that would explain why it feels so different. It's a really cool cover though, very thrashy.
  14. A guy here on KL brought to my attention that they named a tracklist on the interview with Moose. The original release date was May, but was most likely delayed because of COVID. There's gonna be 13 songs in total and Into The Pit is none of them.
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