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  1. Yeah, understandable. Also nice that you got that one lol. Watch Out, I may do another one. :P (that one is the last one, i promise)
  2. Not really disappointing. It's enjoyable, at least. It's actually a nice album, but I would prefer any other Memphis album Over It anytime, so yeah, that's that. Challenger and This Light I Hold just hooked me more, while Broken is like "here you go, some stuff and then goodbye".
  3. I don't think he has sung "WE RUN THIS TOWN!", I cannot imagine Matty as a mayor lol. But yeah, I kinda liked Watch Out. The gang vox aren't that bad. Memphis May Fire did a lot of them in the past, so it's nothing new tbh.
  4. Kinda have to disagree with the "Watch Out" thing but that pun was just great
  5. Whoa-whoa-whoa. Hold on. Broken may be good, but it's not as good as Architects or Silent Planet. I would prefer Holy Hell over Broken.
  6. So, just finished listening to this. And yeah, it's not as disappointing as one could expect, but for fans who like Challenger, This Light I Hold or The Hollow more, it may not be too good. Still, it was a catchy and enjoyable rock album. The only downside that it was way too short. Right when you are really jamming it, it's over. And this is not so good. With that in mind, Broken was enjoyable, but as I said, people who liked the more heavy side will be disappointed. For me, I'm satisfied. Favorite Songs gotta be "Watch Out", "Who I Am", "Fool" and "Live Another Day".
  7. Agreed. Royal Beggars is still one my favorites on the album.
  8. My rating system is bad, lol. i think i should stop that rating in the future and just say which songs I liked and which i didn't like that much. xD
  9. Death Is Not Defeat - 5/5 Hereafter - 5/5 Mortal After All - 5/5 Holy Hell - 5/5 Damnation - 5/5 Royal Beggars - 5/5 Modern Misery - 4/5 Dying To Heal - 4/5 The Seventh Circle - 5/5 Doomsday - 5/5 A Wasted Hymn - 5/5 Awesome. Is there anything else to say? This album was really amazing, a lot of melodic parts and a lot of heavy ones. Tom would be proud of them, that's for sure. This will be for sure one of my favorite albums of this year. 9.5/10. Favorites: Death Is Not Defeat, Mortal After All, Holy Hell, Royal Beggars, Seventh Circle, Doomsday
  10. BLEGH! This means "Hell yes, gonna check it out as soon as possible!"
  11. HELL YES! I really like the song not-existent. But haha, fell for it.
  12. Considering I am not even signed up on, I am not the same Astral. And no, this wasn't sarcasm either. The sonic franchise is basically my childhood and well, I was just happy to see a Sonic Forces-related track, especially related to Infinite.
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