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  1. It’s like a bunch of kids fighting over a candy bar in here. Sheesh. On another note, AOTY.
  2. After listening for a few days - it's definitely a solid release. I'd even go as far to say it has the best collection of songs of his in a very long time. However, as for the album itself, while the first half is definitely the highlight of the record, the second half isn't as consistent and doesn't seem to continue the vibe that it starts off with. Favorites: Tracks 1-7 (i.e., Look What I Did, Outdone, Dr. Sebagh)
  3. I feel like I haven't listened to these guys since The Crusade, but this album really impressed me on first listen and has some killer riffs.
  4. Agreed. I don't think it's a bad idea either considering they are ALL new songs. It's smart marketing.
  5. So many bangers on this one! Especially that Flatbush Zombies collab on Look What I Did.
  6. I've been waiting for this one. Good af hardcore. Thanks!
  7. Agreed! It totally caught me by surprise. I absolutely LOVE the artwork too, and I frequently switch the CD booklet to the opposite side for a different cover.
  8. Not a fan of their ballads - but this isn't too bad. Their b-sides are actually solid, especially the tracks from Sound of Madness (I Own You, Son of Sam, etc.).
  9. Nice! I've been waiting for this! I plan to support Mick's work and buy it when it officially gets released. Both the score and game are EXCELLENT.
  10. Not as diverse as Locusts, but still a fantastic collection of songs (if you'd call them that). Worthy addition to the previous Ghosts releases.
  11. Amazing! After spending a significant amount of time with both releases, this one is my favorite. So much dread and eeriness. Side note: I can't help but listen and think that Locusts is a collection of songs from the Women in the Window sessions. It sounds less like a collection of noise tracks similar to the previous Ghosts releases, and more like a cohesive score project.
  12. I'm a big fan of these guys. This was kind of a letdown, though.
  13. The Lucid Dream is my favorite so far! The track reminds me of something off Coma Witch or their earlier records. I've always preferred tracks of theirs that really pick up the tempo - and this did not disappoint.
  14. It Comes In Waves was just a "one time thing". They even said that during the album roll out, and that they gave another album to Rise that was more of their style on the label (or something of that nature). Shame because I also agree that ICIW was really good. I'm SO glad I copped a first pressing before they sold out, lol
  15. I agree. I like the chorus too, but I find the rest to be mostly forgettable. Fans that enjoy their more melodic songs will eat this up for sure. I really like the direction they were taking with Phantom Anthem, and I'm hoping for some material reminiscent of that album. The band is crazy talented and have come a long way.
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