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  1. Wow, this is filthy. Crazy fucking good album! I've always loved how they throw in epic breakdowns amid all the chaos and extreme drumming. Short story: I saw them live with Carnifex back in like 2008. I met and hung out with the band at their merch table (which they were all working), and picked up Dystopia. They were all so nice and down to earth, and were super appreciative for their fans. Just a great bunch of guys. Favorite so far is Hidden in Plain Sight, but every track is just so good.
  2. Whoa this is crazy good! Super catchy song. I'm excited to check out their other songs!
  3. I totally agree! It’s what made me stop listening post-Constellations. It wasn’t till Phantom Anthem that I start listening again. I heard so much of their early stuff in that album, and I’m hoping the new album is more of the same!
  4. I agree with you. While it’s a good song and the band is crazy talented, I don’t think it’s groundbreaking compared to Phantom Anthem’s debut single, Invisible Enemy. That track is absolutely killer, as is the entire album.
  5. I absolutely LOVED their last album, Phantom Anthem. It's one of my favorite ABR albums, and it took me way back to the glorious Messenger days. I stopped listening post-Constellations, as I didn't enjoy the melodic (and sometimes experimental) direction they began to take. If comparing debut singles, I think Invisible Enemy is much, much stronger compared to Defender. It's a total banger though, and it's catchy and memorable, and I loved the breakdowns. I'm excited to see what's next!
  6. Only good song IMO - But even that's saying WAY too much.
  7. Wow. How embarrassing. If this isn’t a clear definition of selling out, idk what is.
  8. Fuck this is nasty. Can’t stop listening!
  9. I also can’t believe they are putting out this garbage. It’s such an insult to all the fans they’ve made throughout their long career. You think they’d just keep making hard rock music at this point. Nope! They’ve desperately sold out hard for a quick buck.
  10. Same! I like it a lot. The bridges are really catchy.
  11. I've been waiting years for this. Thanks!
  12. First two singles were cringy gimmicky garbage. BLOODMONEY is a fucking bomb. Anything Like Me is awesome, love the shoegaze/dreampop sound and the outro just fucking bangs. Fill The Crown has really cool electronics and pretty catchy chorus. Not terrible, not great but fun to listen to. Nothing I Need is another dreampoppy song that is pretty great as well. Sit/Stay is very good, love the synth and ethereal parts, not a huge fan of the chorus but I can see this one grow on me after few relistens. Love the outro. Bite Your Teeth is fucking awful. Sick of the Sun is arguably best track on the album, love it so much. She should just stick to dreampop, it works so well. Don't Go Outside is a pretty great closer and the groovy guitars reminded me of Silverchair. Second half of the song works much better than what she did earlier (you'll see what I mean) which is really cool, but at the same time the song is too long and the risk of getting bored of it quickly is really high. 10/10 would copy and paste again
  13. I still don't know how to feel about this album. It was nowhere near the quality of Bad Blood or Wild World.
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