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  1. Real talk tho - I was looking forward to this. I grew up listening to Nickelback, and The Long Road is one of those albums that stuck with me. It's got some damn good riffs. I also liked their newest album, Feed The Machine.
  2. Stoked for my limited edition vinyl to get here! Thanks for the leak!
  3. Ok, that Marilyn Manson track is LITERAL FIRE.
  4. So catchy! Gives you the feels too. I’d say it’s their best song since the Foiled days.
  5. It’s like a bunch of kids fighting over a candy bar in here. Sheesh. On another note, AOTY.
  6. After listening for a few days - it's definitely a solid release. I'd even go as far to say it has the best collection of songs of his in a very long time. However, as for the album itself, while the first half is definitely the highlight of the record, the second half isn't as consistent and doesn't seem to continue the vibe that it starts off with. Favorites: Tracks 1-7 (i.e., Look What I Did, Outdone, Dr. Sebagh)
  7. I feel like I haven't listened to these guys since The Crusade, but this album really impressed me on first listen and has some killer riffs.
  8. Agreed. I don't think it's a bad idea either considering they are ALL new songs. It's smart marketing.
  9. So many bangers on this one! Especially that Flatbush Zombies collab on Look What I Did.
  10. I've been waiting for this one. Good af hardcore. Thanks!
  11. Agreed! It totally caught me by surprise. I absolutely LOVE the artwork too, and I frequently switch the CD booklet to the opposite side for a different cover.
  12. Not a fan of their ballads - but this isn't too bad. Their b-sides are actually solid, especially the tracks from Sound of Madness (I Own You, Son of Sam, etc.).
  13. Nice! I've been waiting for this! I plan to support Mick's work and buy it when it officially gets released. Both the score and game are EXCELLENT.
  14. Not as diverse as Locusts, but still a fantastic collection of songs (if you'd call them that). Worthy addition to the previous Ghosts releases.
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