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  1. Salvation was a great album and they should have kept that sound. IMO, this album and the last one are not very good. These mainstream, buttrock choruses are getting repetitive and predictable.
  2. @sudderthh Totally agree. The other tracks are much better than the singles released IMO. I’m really happy with how this album turned out.
  3. Finally! I’ve been refreshing this site for days 😅
  4. It’s not Broke, and they upped the production this time around. But I’m still really digging the direction they took on this. The tracks sound great!
  5. This album is crazy good. Tom is a great addition to the band and gives them a necessary resurgence. Tight production and help from Josh Travis is a major plus as well.
  6. I've been waiting for these tracks to make it on the site. I've had some of them on repeat for the past few months! Can't wait for the full release.
  7. So far my favorite album of 2018! All the songs are excellent (Idea of You and Do You Remember have been on repeat). I'm glad they released studio cuts of my favorite live songs from the Stand Up sessions.
  8. Can't stop listening to this one! DMB can do no wrong.
  9. WOW. Super impressed. This is absolutely insane.
  10. I’ll be seeing them on June 6th here in MI! Dug extra deep in my pockets for pit tickets this year. Haha
  11. It’s catchy. But sounds unfinished. I thought it would build up to something, but it just kind of drags along.
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