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  1. Damn this is good. My expectations were high and they were met. Great experimental prog metalcore.
  2. God I hope there are more songs like this one. The contrast between their heavy sound and this is so perfect.
  3. Yeah this isn't the Deadlights I wanted it to be lmfao. I mean it's decent but these guys should change their name imo.
  4. This is sublime. Everything is perfect.
  5. Good lord this is unreal. This might replace Alien as my AOTY.
  6. This is wonderful and exceeded all expectations. I love this band soo much. Thank you!
  7. So good. Refreshing nu metalcore.
  8. I haven't really, so my opinion sucks probably lol. Sorry bout that.
  9. Came here for The Love Machine. Sigh. That was my bad. Maybe it's selfish to hope they'd pull a Hundredth and drop the boring monotonous hardcore but hey I still gave it chance. Thanks regardless! Man if I pre ordered this for Romance and The Love Machine I'd be so sad with this lol. Those Deftones/Glassjaw vibes are just so good. Hope they do more with that in the future.
  10. This is so damn good. Sowers of Discord was an amazing EP. Thank you!
  11. I remember being a huge fan of For Those Who Have Heart. Homesick was alright. Haven't liked anything since. I try. They fall into the BTF, WCAR, AA spectrum for me. Boring and generic. I respect it but it is not for me. Thanks for sharing regardless.
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