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  1. I expected more from Stygian Blue but overall this is wonderful. Just as enjoyable as The Amanuensis. Thank you so much fam.
  2. Damn i love Chevelle but I already have these songs lol
  3. Idunno it was interesting until homeboy started grunting. Hardcore vocals aren't for me personally but this isn't bad.
  4. Fuck this is really good. Just what I needed today. Very djreamy.
  5. Most of this was way better than expected. I think I just might like this more than Dark Matter. It's definitely nothing new or next level but it's catchy as hell. Thank you as always fam.
  6. So excited to give this a listen. Battery City and Coalesce were fucking fantastic so I have no doubt this will be just as great. Thank you so much! I hope these guys and Thornhill gain the recognition they deserve this year.
  7. Sometimes I wonder if the singer of this band is trying to hit a certain melody or if he's just singing as high as he possibly can. Meh. Solstice was meh. A few decent songs. I tried.
  8. This is shaping up to be real nice.