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  1. It's like, if Limp Bizkit were a band we weren't afraid to admit we enjoy. This is so lit.
  2. This is definitely a grower. Reflection Room, Fireside, and Eden are the highlights for me.
  3. Am I the only one that thinks Violent Noise is better than this? VN actually had some variety. Every track on this album is literally the same lol. Idc if Telle screams for a few extra seconds on the closing track, as it does not save this record imo lol. I honestly wish they would have stuck with what they were doing with Overdose. Everything about that track was great.
  4. Remember when the teaser for Trapped teased the heavy part, and the chorus? We thought we were getting a proggier REAL. Instead we've gotten everything that has followed. I try man, I do try. It's like they wanna write for chicks that still beg their mom's to get them that Reptar TDWP they've always wanted. Sorry for the harsh words but like, I'm glad I don't spend money on this band anymore lol. I don't care that there isn't much heavy anymore but like, it still isn't good imo lol. They could have at least went shoegaze. This generic myspacecore needs to stop. It's really time to move on lol.
  5. New Balance's? Check. Vertical striped polo? Check. Pad lock for the thermostat? Check. Judas Priest tee? Check. Alright dad's. Let's get it.
  6. This is everything I could have wanted from this band. The Cold Sun left me wanting more and this completes me. Thank you
  7. I didn't like Broken Vision Rhythm either at first but peep it a few more times. It has some of the dirtiest riffs on the record.
  8. LMFAO I love how I wanted a decent quality version of this single like, 9 years ago or something and now when it's available, I don't even listen to the band like that anymore Thanks for the memories tho KL fam
  9. Damn this is good. My expectations were high and they were met. Great experimental prog metalcore.
  10. God I hope there are more songs like this one. The contrast between their heavy sound and this is so perfect.
  11. Yeah this isn't the Deadlights I wanted it to be lmfao. I mean it's decent but these guys should change their name imo.
  12. This is sublime. Everything is perfect.
  13. Good lord this is unreal. This might replace Alien as my AOTY.
  14. This is wonderful and exceeded all expectations. I love this band soo much. Thank you!
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