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  1. Getting old Slipknot/Bizkit vibes. This is good! Thanks fam.
  2. It's definitely a great record but the constant pitch yelling is getting really boring and repetitive to me and it makes me sad and I'm sorry fam. I wish Sam would sing more like he did in Daybreaker. Just my personal opinion. I think I like AOGHAU the most tho. Thank you as always. Side note: Lol at Thornhill still having my AOTY spot.
  3. I expected more from Stygian Blue but overall this is wonderful. Just as enjoyable as The Amanuensis. Thank you so much fam.
  4. Damn i love Chevelle but I already have these songs lol
  5. Idunno it was interesting until homeboy started grunting. Hardcore vocals aren't for me personally but this isn't bad.
  6. Fuck this is really good. Just what I needed today. Very djreamy.
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