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  1. I haven't really, so my opinion sucks probably lol. Sorry bout that.
  2. Came here for The Love Machine. Sigh. That was my bad. Maybe it's selfish to hope they'd pull a Hundredth and drop the boring monotonous hardcore but hey I still gave it chance. Thanks regardless! Man if I pre ordered this for Romance and The Love Machine I'd be so sad with this lol. Those Deftones/Glassjaw vibes are just so good. Hope they do more with that in the future.
  3. This is so damn good. Sowers of Discord was an amazing EP. Thank you!
  4. I remember being a huge fan of For Those Who Have Heart. Homesick was alright. Haven't liked anything since. I try. They fall into the BTF, WCAR, AA spectrum for me. Boring and generic. I respect it but it is not for me. Thanks for sharing regardless.
  5. Prob because of the other 9 tracks lol. I don't care either way.
  6. Cool! Fine by me. I still respect it. Just can't relate 😊 haha Wow I didn't mean to cause controversy with my basic question lmao sorry fam
  7. I was just wondering. He mentions god a lot so I was confused lol
  8. Have they always been a christian band? I'm confused. I can't relate to any of this personally but it's a 'lil better than I expected. The self titled was really somethin' special for me tho. The industrial/nu metal vibes were what sold me. Thank you!
  9. I just tried both and it's still on 3:02 😭😭 I'll try again later I guess. No worries.
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