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  1. The rapping itself isn't cringe lolololol it's the fact that his rapping isn't good lolololol. I love rapping in nu metal. Linkin Park was my first favorite band. Kynan's rapping is not good. Wah lol.
  2. I'm personally ready for Sam's Deftones influence to shed some light. We could be in for a pleasant surprise with this one.
  3. I'm all for the melodic pitch yelling because Sam is pretty much the king at it....but there comes a point where it all begins to sound the same. This track is an extreme breath of fresh air. Anyone comparing this to Three Days Grace is a fucking retard and I mean that.
  4. This is wonderful!! Glad Sam is back to full cleans. I am here for this. Another album full of nothing but pitch yelling could have been boring honestly. Y'all can't possibly want the same record over and over but who am I kidding? Of course you do lmao.
  5. Unpopular Opinion : I hate Ryan's cleans. They're the most boring generic metalcore mediocrity that I've possibly ever heard. It's like screamers from other bands started doing cleans so he had to make sure he did it too. I'm so over this band. It's just so uninspired and void of any form of creativity. The electronics in God of Fire were cool though but again, they're just copying other's homework imo.
  6. Very much. Personally I think melodic hardcore is boring asf. We all hear different things
  7. If literally every track was like Enigma I'd be in love with this. Nu metal has always been special to me but I just personally feel this could have been executed a little better. The instrumentals are pure fire but it fell flat with the flat rapping that in my opinion should have been cleans or screams. The creepy spoken word is cool but the rapping is just bad man.
  8. the rapping is not good. Opinions.
  9. Normally I enjoy what these guys put out but this was a pretentious 90s cringefest imo. Enigma was the only track I enjoyed. Lyrics in every other track are trash. I expected more from this after how good the full length was. Hmph.
  10. What a beautiful thing to wake up to.
  11. Speaking of anime/manga metal, No Oath - Silicon kinda makes me feel like I'm reading Blame! if anyone on here is familiar with that lol. I'm ready for Oyasumi Vol. 2 tho pls.
  12. This is wonderful. Definitely my highlight of the day! Thank you all
  13. Was really hoping for an instrumental or a b-side but we got cookie cutter re-imaginings and a Billie Eilish cover lol. No thanks dude. I'll wait for something new thank you for posting.
  14. didn't know Jamie was a Lycan. The more ya know.
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