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  1. I'm really proud of seeing Floreani's voice evolution since the harsh ones in the first EPS of Trophy Eyes and specially from his debut EP as a solo singer in "Little Brother - Terrace". Btw, I really loved that he changed the name of the project to his own. Seeing some Johnny Cash influence in Before the Devil Knows I'm Dead but mainly in Repent (Take a look at God's Gonna cut you down, please!) Cocaine was a little too repetitive for me, but I'm really satisfied with the final outcome of this! A solid debut for sure. Looking forward for more Floreani in the future. Seeing his evolution, he definitely has everything to surprise us even more
  2. Feeling some "Have Mercy" vibes on it. I didn't known this band, but loved the vocals! There's some strange nostalgia throughout the album. Thanks @JoshRaptorTire !!
  3. Chon has been the soundtrack of my life in these last 5 years. Although I really loved Homey, the star there were the drums - the good thing is that they continue to be here. The bass here is astonishing. Seriously, just look at Cloudy. Really happy to see some return to Grow, and at the same times it seems that they are forging a complete new path with darker or melancolic melodies as Pitch Dark. Also loved the slower pace that some songs as Gift take. Visit takes me back to a Mario Kart run haha. The whole album is brilliant. Thanks a lot for the leak! What do you guys think about this one?
  4. This is one of the most beautiful artworks i've ever seen! What a fantastic album
  5. This is definitely a "Grow" vibes - even though you can clearly hear the drums from Homey. Amazing, really loved the chord progression from the main riff. Looking forward for this album!
  6. Really looking forward to this!!
  7. Didn't expect this voice coming from him at all. Thanks for the promotion!
  8. It's impressive how well Connan plays his guitar. The whole band is on point here
  9. I get a feeling of The Plot In You - "Hapiness in Self Destruction" album in some songs. Great debut album!
  10. Amazing album. Nobody is a great track. But I agree with @bachashnoo, this did not sound so diverse for me as his debut album. Either way it's still Hozier, his "church chorals" and Blues-riffs always sound good
  11. Heard some singles of her last year and liked the up-vibe beats - sounding similar to progressive house - but it was reaaally repetitive. Going to give it a try, just hope that it isn't just some generic pop album.
  12. I kinda liked her voice and listened a lot to "Dont Smile At Me" EP last year but definitely this is not a original path to go. Disapointed
  13. Almost forgot about Týr. Listened a lot of Valkyria back in 2013. Glad to see that they are still active!
  14. What a pleasant surprise! Really fun to listen to. I think I prefer "i saw you in a dream" single version than this one.
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