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  1. This is one of the most beautiful artworks i've ever seen! What a fantastic album
  2. This is definitely a "Grow" vibes - even though you can clearly hear the drums from Homey. Amazing, really loved the chord progression from the main riff. Looking forward for this album!
  3. Really looking forward to this!!
  4. Didn't expect this voice coming from him at all. Thanks for the promotion!
  5. It's impressive how well Connan plays his guitar. The whole band is on point here
  6. I get a feeling of The Plot In You - "Hapiness in Self Destruction" album in some songs. Great debut album!
  7. Amazing album. Nobody is a great track. But I agree with @bachashnoo, this did not sound so diverse for me as his debut album. Either way it's still Hozier, his "church chorals" and Blues-riffs always sound good
  8. Heard some singles of her last year and liked the up-vibe beats - sounding similar to progressive house - but it was reaaally repetitive. Going to give it a try, just hope that it isn't just some generic pop album.
  9. I kinda liked her voice and listened a lot to "Dont Smile At Me" EP last year but definitely this is not a original path to go. Disapointed
  10. Almost forgot about Týr. Listened a lot of Valkyria back in 2013. Glad to see that they are still active!
  11. What a pleasant surprise! Really fun to listen to. I think I prefer "i saw you in a dream" single version than this one.
  12. Yay, thanks for the 320 kbps release! they have many songs with gang vocals since their first ep. I did not understand the complain... It's just a natural path to rely a bit more on that after all they've been through. I definitely agree with you. This is the six is a true masterpiece. It's just really laughable how people say this is not while she sleeps (or that they are decaying) and it all falls again at the same idiosyncratic edgy comments we see in every band that has been playing for more than 10 years. People are really sensible to change, aren't they? This is definitely their peak for instrumental as @CMGX6X said. Unfortunately Lawrence had 3 fucking throat surgeries. It's actually amazing how he's still givin it all. The instrumentals are fuckin insane and the lyrical content is amazing. While she sleeps has been constantly evolving and experimenting since their first EP. If you didn't get this yet please take 40 minutes of your life and see their documentary (So What? The Documentary). Maybe your point of view can be clarified. This documentary is a MUST for everyone that listened to this album.
  13. William reminded me a lot of Nick Drake. In the sense that his music is really empathic. You can hear and feel many different emotions. But contrary to the constant repetition in the arrangements of Nick - which are breathtaking, indeed -, Wiliam fuses this with a bit of country and something that I could only define as belonging to himself. Amazing discovery, I'm going to check his previous work. Thanks!
  14. I was really excited for this record, but after seeing them in Paste Magazine this month and hearing this album as a whole I desperately need an acoustic Bambi. Doubt's version was so damn good with Decarlo's solo appearing so clean, apart from the album's version where all seems so ofuscated with a lot of saturation(?). Anyways, loved the changes from their previous EPS and debut album. This is gonna be my jam for the next 3 months.
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