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  1. Same here. And this instrumental for Alien has made me love the album even more
  2. They only promoted Enemy Of The Night. They never said their would be new music. All of the past deluxe albums have just been the instrumental versions
  3. All their past deluxe albums have just been instrumentals so not sure why expecting new songs Yea now you can hear more stuff than before. Also keep in mind that instrumentals are mixed down differently so you’ll hear everything more clearer
  4. I’ve listened to this twice already. The mixing is so good on the instrumentals. You can hear everything now, stuff that couldn’t be heard before.
  5. Hell yes!!! Been waiting a long time for this!!
  6. This album is actually decent, not bad at all
  7. It’s not a new song. It’s a Soundgarden cover they did
  8. Excellent EP. My brother works next to the recording studio where Clint and Sevendust record all the time and they come to my brothers work all the time. My brother had told me that Clint was in the studio recording recently and it was this EP which it was unannounced
  9. Album is awesome! They sound a lot like BMTH
  10. This is fucking sick!!!!!! Damn!!! Wonder when Alien deluxe will be released??
  11. This instrumental sounds amazing!!! The album is great with and without vocals
  12. @Zephyr Sunrise I’ve told my brother to get a new singer in which he would love to but they are trying to get signed again now. He said he may do a side project on his own with a different singer. My brother and I are huge Northlane fans and he wants to do something like that. If Guillotines could get a better singer and no rap, they would be set My brother is Gabriel. I’m also good friends with Rob and him and my brother are best friends. I hang out with them once in a while and we go to shows. They have a few other new songs that will be coming out very soon from what my brother told me yesterday.
  13. This is my brothers new band. Unfortunately there were some issues with the record label they were under as Exotype and they ended up having to do a new band. I told my brother they need to get a new singer because they actual music is good but the singer is just too ghetto and raps too much.
  14. Album is seriously 3/10. Wtf happened to this band?? Like seriously!!! I’ve been listening to Pearl Jam since Ten album. They used to be one of my favorite bands back in the day
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