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  1. This band sounds like Northlane and Void Of Vision. They are also from Australia.
  2. I’ve listened to all their albums I just wish they were more like the first two when Kevin Cadogan was still their guitar player. He wrote almost 90% of the songs on those 2 albums which were one of the best hits for years.
  3. Can’t wait to download this when I get home from work today. Exited to listen to this album! Their first two albums are amazing and the best ones. I’m hoping this one is just as good. They always deliver with good tracks
  4. Listened to it a few times already and I really like it. It’s a combination of the first three albums but mostly the second and third. I was really disappointed with the last few albums before this so it says a lot
  5. Half way through and it has a Blue album feel to it. I stopped listening to them a long time ago but gave this album a shot. Thanks for everything was a terrible album. I miss their self titled album stuff, best album
  6. iTunes one has 3 other bonus tracks included. Going to download this one for now
  7. This is good. They sound so much like Northlane
  8. Listened to the full album and it’s amazing!!!
  9. Oh hell yes!!!!!! Downloading now!!!
  10. Hell yes!!!!! Can’t wait for the 320 version
  11. I downloaded it not realizing it was 128kps. Hopefully the 320 version gets uploaded soon
  12. Love the album!! 9/10 for me. Hope the 2 extra tracks get uploaded
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