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  1. Glad to see this one is getting so much praise. Kátai makes me feel proud about being Hungarian. Yet another awesome album, although Rengeteg is still my favourite.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I think what kept this band fresh and on top of their game for all these years are the different vibes and different approach each singer brought. I feel like the 'Tilian-era' has just worn out. I listened to the new songs once and I could easily guess all the vocal melodies beforehand, it just became so formulaic. I love Tilian and his voice, Mothership and Acceptance Speech are among my favorite DGD records but I'm just so tired of it all now… I'd love to see Matt Geise on the front, wonder what he's up to these days...
  3. Are we just gonna pretend we didn't hear that ABR riff right in the intro?
  4. I just had an sponsored ad on Instagram with about 10 secs of this song and I fell in love! Can anyone explain what's this band and when can we expect new stuff?
  5. Holy shit I had to turn it off after 12 seconds
  6. This is basically Sehnsucht-ere Rammstein.
  7. Well as far as I know Jonny is not in any band atm… could it be a comeback? (probably not but one can hope)
  8. Has anyone listened it? This shit is amazing LOL with that being said I hope it's just a parody
  9. Sunrise is fuckin unbelievable! And apparently they're already working on another album too
  10. How I miss the Singularity days… That album was a milestone
  11. Just when I thought they cannot come up with more idiotic band names
  12. totally unrelated but couldn't help to notice that you listed PoS as your favourite artist and damn, finally someone who appreciates what they're doing. One Hour By The Concrete Lake is probably my fav prog album of all time!
  13. Been listening constantly since it came out.. it gets me hyped everytime!
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