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  1. These songs are indeed massively good. If the rest of this new album shapes up to be as great as the singles then it’s definitely going on the AOTY list 🔥
  2. Only Enter Shikari can create such a work of art which is all witty, fun, brilliant, and instrumentally epic. This is their best album made besides The Mindsweep. Haters dislike this because they can't accept the fact that the band members have matured and evolved their sound. The ratings on sputnik prove it anyways. Like it or not, this is real music.
  3. Rody sounds amazing and the bass lines are probably the best I've ever heard on this track. God damn excellent. Absolutely hyped man.
  4. Yeah. I’m wanting to hear better quality of this album too. ?
  5. Lol then I guess you’re missing out on great music luv4metalcore.
  6. This album is very melodic and packed with so much good instrumentation. The greatest trance AOTY imho
  7. Daaaaaaamn! O_O This may be the best album WhiteChapel has ever made judging from the brutal previews. I'm so stoked to hear all of it!!
  8. I'm surprised! This sounds great!! In Flames are coming back to form!!
  9. They are each diverse in a powerful, creative way bro.
  10. Well in my opinion, the singles I've heard so far from this album sound like their best work yet.
  11. @Nickelback4Life How in the 7 hells is this song or video cringey? The lyrics are mature and hold very solid truth. It's chaotic and consistent like a regular death core song should be.
  12. This song smashes hard! Hyped for the album!!
  13. Fantastic album. Not epic but very great! Thanks!!
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