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  1. It's the shortest, clocking in at 2:48. All the other tracks are typical wage war-lenghty songs. The only reason this one is this short is due to the editing i had to do to the breakdown when the stream had issues.
  2. 05- holding absence - holding absence 04- whitechapel - the valley 03- bloodline - better view 02- lotus eater - social hazard 01- any given day - overpower honorable mentions: sleepkillers - sleepkillers, degrader - burn you; burn we, relent - heart attack, mark morton - anesthetic
  3. i wouldn’t lose hope on them just yet, this is just a cover. the same kh3 song 50 band have done already. i’m sure their next real material will rip.
  4. didn't exppect to see this leak before in flames so that's a nice little surprise. solid album, minus 2 tracks. singles have been great. the song with josh todd is amazing, same for the one with chuck billy and oni. sworn apart, blur and imaginary days could use some improvement, but still very much listenable. however the album could do without the song with the country singer and the one with the opera lady. bonus points for the song with chester, can't get enough of it.
  5. another bunch of thingies for your viewing pleasures or whatever 02.19.19 dayhell - pressure *new release date 02.20.19 rise of doom - the day we left 02.22.19 devin townsend - genesis 03.01.19 wildheart - lonely *michael bohn's new project probably needs another update because the list looks bleak.
  6. 02.06.19 Periphery - Blood Eagle 02.08.19 Dream Theater - Paralyzed
  7. i heard you fucks wanted new singles to sink your fangs into, so here's some 01.22.19 - Bring Me The Horizon - mother tongue 01.25.19 - Awaken I Am - Indifference 01.30.19 - Kayzo x Our Last Night - Alone 02.01.19 - Before Their Eyes - Sing to Me (Acoustic) 02.05.19 - Kingdom Collapse - This Agony 02.12.19 - Dayshell - Pressure
  8. self titled album releasing 02.08.19 or in 4 weeks in you prefer.
  9. no, but they are indeed signed to sharptone as of today.
  10. 01.09.19 Wage War - One Step From the Edge (edit: title is actually “low”) 01.11.19 Of Virtue - Suffer Deadships - D.O.A. Fame on Fire - Wait Busted - Radio Cane Hill - 86d - No Escort 01.23.19 InVisions - Too Little, Too Late 01.25.19 Hinder - Halo ExitWounds are releasing an untitled single this friday as well. (edit: title is “medusa”)
  11. 01.04.19 Oomph! - Tausend Mann und ein Befehl Glamour of the Kill - Resurrection Guillotines - Song of Guillotines 01.11.19 Norma Jean - Children of the Dead 01.15.19 Dreamshade - Question Everything 01.25.19 Smash Into Pieces - Human
  12. The 4 songs they have released so far for this album are a new level of bad, even for them. Such a step back from Help.
  13. Huge thanks @drownwithmatt you're the fucking man.
  14. Such a shame it's gonna get completely overlooked cause it's really damn good. Been playing grinning non stop for the past month.
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