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  1. i heard you fucks wanted new singles to sink your fangs into, so here's some 01.22.19 - Bring Me The Horizon - mother tongue 01.25.19 - Awaken I Am - Indifference 01.30.19 - Kayzo x Our Last Night - Alone 02.01.19 - Before Their Eyes - Sing to Me (Acoustic) 02.05.19 - Kingdom Collapse - This Agony 02.12.19 - Dayshell - Pressure
  2. self titled album releasing 02.08.19 or in 4 weeks in you prefer.
  3. no, but they are indeed signed to sharptone as of today.
  4. 01.09.19 Wage War - One Step From the Edge (edit: title is actually “low”) 01.11.19 Of Virtue - Suffer Deadships - D.O.A. Fame on Fire - Wait Busted - Radio Cane Hill - 86d - No Escort 01.23.19 InVisions - Too Little, Too Late 01.25.19 Hinder - Halo ExitWounds are releasing an untitled single this friday as well. (edit: title is “medusa”)
  5. 01.04.19 Oomph! - Tausend Mann und ein Befehl Glamour of the Kill - Resurrection Guillotines - Song of Guillotines 01.11.19 Norma Jean - Children of the Dead 01.15.19 Dreamshade - Question Everything 01.25.19 Smash Into Pieces - Human
  6. The 4 songs they have released so far for this album are a new level of bad, even for them. Such a step back from Help.
  7. Huge thanks @drownwithmatt you're the fucking man.
  8. Such a shame it's gonna get completely overlooked cause it's really damn good. Been playing grinning non stop for the past month.
  9. Better than I expected it to be. A few songs are unlistenable, but there's some good ones. Highlights: Oceans Ate Alaska, Stand Atlantic, Dance Gavin Dance.
  10. here's a few more cause why not Lotus Eater - Creeping up to me (10.22.18) Novelists - Eyes Wide Shut (10.26.18)
  11. there's an album preview on itunes for all of you parallel lovers.
  12. It’s a completely different band my dude.
  13. No but it's releasing tomorrow. btw Glamour of the Kill - Fire Fight 10.22.18
  14. That list is looking barebones right now, here's some more stuff Lethal Injektion - Empire (10.18.18) Capsize - Blind (10.19.19) coldrain - Revolution (10.30.18) Breathe in the Silence - Perpetual Motion (11.08.18)
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