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  1. After listening to this four times through today, all I can say is that it's perfect. It's most definitely his fall album and a beautiful closer to the yearly cycle of his discography. He combines every element from all of his past releases into a sort of abstract scrapbook. There's a beautiful, blissful chill to this album, that isn't as cold and sorrowful as For Emma, but feels like it's perfectly coming up on the heels of that album, like fall going into winter. Again, he beautifully combined the strings and horn sections of Bon Iver, Bon Iver with the electronics of 22, A Million, while also adding songs like Marion, which sounds like it's a long lost bonus track from For Emma. As well as the first callback to the acoustic songwriting style of that album that he's written in a decade. It's a perfect departure album, leaving me wanting more, but also worried that this is the end of the journey for Bon Iver as a project. I also noticed that Hey Ma is a direct reference song to the opening line of For Emma...."I am my mother's only one", which fully completes the circle in it's own right. What an absolutely brilliant album and discography to back it. Justin Vernon will forever be the greatest songwriter of my generation.
  2. I mean, Augment will always be my favorite album of theirs. That's one of, if not, the greatest progressive metalcore album ever. But Drift is it's own thing entirely, they crossed boundaries with that album and executed it beautifully. I feel like the material they've been putting out since then is just a shell of what they used to be. Just my opinion, I still love them and will keep trying to get into their future releases, they just haven't been doing it for me lately.
  3. I'm glad that JT is pushing his range more, but this track is still just meh to me. The first track of Neon was great, the rest of that album was shit. I'm really starting to think that they peaked out on Drift. I hope they can get their groove back with their next release.
  4. This is probably the worst and most unimaginative song these guys have ever written. Thank You For Today was pretty great, I want more time still for it to settle in. I feel like this EP is going to be a bunch of washed up and rushed ideas
  5. What a shit disappointment of an album. Extremely overproduced and redundant. Especially in comparison to their last album, which tied with War Paint is a magnum opus for them as a band. This whole album is so utterly dry of fresh ideas that they had to rip off Angels & Airwaves for all of the better parts of the album, which is a band nobody should have given a shit about since like '09. I'm not surprised, really. I was excited, being a big fan of these guys since War Paint, but I'm really not surprised. You don't just release a banger like their self titled last year and then release another album a year later. Sloppy ideas, not worth anybodies time.
  6. I'm with you, friend. This was the first poll I've actually ever been able to vote on and i've been a follower of this site for years now. La Dispute took the cake for me, but American Football is definitely up there, they're making a really strong comeback. Honestly, if you haven;t listened to Strand of Oaks new album yet you should check it out, that was one of the best releases to come out last month, and probably his best album yet aside from Pope Killdragon.
  7. I'm actually digging this a lot more than I originally thought I would. I think that the biggest thing that they have going against them now is their name. After losing Alex and Brian and gaining the new vocalist, they really should have started over as a new project. People were still expecting Fallujah, when this album is most definitely NOT Fallujah, but if you listen to it through fresh ears and imagine if it didn't have the Fallujah name stuck to it than it's actually a pretty solid listen.
  8. They lost their second guitarist, I don't think it's so much that he's playing less technically, the dynamic of having both guitarists is just missing.
  9. Solace will always be the best thing this band ever puts out. That's the EP that got me into them. It's sad that they're already pushing away from that sound though
  10. Amazing single, I'm extremely stoked for this album. I'm kind of confused as to how this is their "debut album" though when the deluxe addition of In Sickness And Health was re-released as a full length. I'm honestly confused as to why they ever initially released that album as an EP to begin with. Either way I'm pumped for this, regardless of whether or not it's their "debut album" haha
  11. I think this is their best release to date.....I'm blown away
  12. Not sure how I feel about this. It doesn't even touch his last album...I feel like Hozier is one of those one hit wonder musicians now. He put everything he had as a musician into his self titled and now he's dry out of ideas. There's still a few solid tracks on here. Shrike is one of the best songs he's ever written, but after waiting five years for this it's an extreme letdown.
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