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  1. I'm being 100% honest in that when we came up with the band name last year all 4 of us had NO idea that Above, Below existed. We've recently become aware of their existence with their new album so I've brought up talks of a name change. As of right now the other dudes in the band don't want to but I'm sure we'll end up doing it eventually cause it really is confusing, especially since Above, Below has been getting much more popular recently. Sorry for any confusion!
  2. not sure for the other previews they get, but for this one it was just a website that was accidently selling physical copies of the album early, and they have 30 second clips for each song on the website
  3. It may just be the honeymoon phase right now, but I'm pretty confident this is their best work yet. Whole album is incredible all the way through holy moly.
  4. After the first chorus the lyrics are Looking for a free ride, looking for a hand Till everyone knows the truth Tell me I'm a weak shit, tell me I'm a coward Tell me I'm gonna lose
  5. I'm definitely biased considering SP is probably my favorite band, but Depths III is one of the best/most beautiful songs I've ever heard. This album is incredible.
  6. I thought the instruments were actually more interesting in this album than most other stuff Caleb has written
  7. man I had low expectations after Aggressive, but this comes really close to the level of Disgusting IMO. Suuuuuuper solid album, Caleb is incredible as always.
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