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  1. The Marshmello Collab goes way harder than this EDIT: In a way even IF IT MEANS A LOT TO YOU goes harder than whatever this is.
  2. I sometimes kinda miss the days of just having my own mixtape recorded onto a tape and listening that on the Busdrive to school and back home. Sure it was more tedious but in a way you were more "connected". Now I'm just skippin mindlessly til a song comes I wanna play.
  3. When that second Pre-Chorus kicks in, orgasmic part. Really stoked for this.
  4. I liked their EP "On The Spectrum" more than this. A full album is just a bit too much Autism for me.
  5. This slaps fucking hard. My neck hurts.
  6. "There's gonna be a third version of the new album with only graowellz! It's true, I read it on Grinder" -one of teh boyze™
  7. It was a broad statement you felt pointed at you, maybe there is a hint of truth to it then.
  8. Yet these "We venture into new territories" bands never go into "original ideas" and just copy trends that currently work well in the mainstream and land them spots in curated Spotify Playlists. What's even more "cringy" is the endless defense by insufferable fanboys.
  9. Nice! Thanks a ton for this.
  10. You can already tell how retarded labeling/genres are when you notice that both Asking Alexandria and Converge are "Metalcore" groups that sound nothing alike.
  11. Well this being a lead single trying to catch a huge audience, I don't particulary blame it for being so "current rock sound"-esque. It depends if they will do that stuff on the entire album or not. Not really feeling this.
  12. Why is there BDSM as a genre? They practically just do shitty Dark-Electro/Aggrotech and pull on an image to sell their nonsense.
  13. It's fun, especially because the production helps make it sound "heavy" with the punch behind every chugga chugga Still, it's just your run of the mill american .core record.
  14. When all you have is shock value and no talent and haven't realized "shock value" isn't really doing it anymore in [current year]
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