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  1. Album art is massive, so is the sound of this record. Amazing stuff.
  2. Can't believe this is the same dude who wrote the lyrics on THE BLACKENING Jesus christ Rob
  3. The production is absolutely phenomenal on this, the way how on Run For Your Life the cars drive by delivering the little bit of instrumentation to the song outside of the hooks.
  4. 10min? Damn, Prog-Dir is back -------- Well that sure was something. Thankfully the mix/master is already miles better than whatever the hell they did on Insulated World (makes me wish for a remaster of that like with Uroboros). The song is a very promising return to the Uroboros/Dum Spiro Spero times. I'm actually excited for this album now.
  5. Track 2: Everybody Hates me *2 tracks later* Track 4: Be a Man lol
  6. This is some absolutely beautiful stuff. Lay back and just float with the sound.
  7. Well I'm gay so milking each other off sure sounds like a good time.
  8. Only 19 flags? That's highly disrespectful. Including the Venngender there are 1.392.245.379.452.739.361 gender, so 1.392.245.379.452.739.342 aren't represented and that I cannot accept. It's almost 2020. Be better.
  9. Whoops, thought this dropped in a week or so
  10. No one is complaining that the song is "light" you mong
  11. The Marshmello Collab goes way harder than this EDIT: In a way even IF IT MEANS A LOT TO YOU goes harder than whatever this is.
  12. I sometimes kinda miss the days of just having my own mixtape recorded onto a tape and listening that on the Busdrive to school and back home. Sure it was more tedious but in a way you were more "connected". Now I'm just skippin mindlessly til a song comes I wanna play.
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