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  1. If you haven't listened to it yet, check the TWIN PEAKS soundtracks (the series ones and the Fire Walk With Me) Especially the FIRE WALK WITH ME Theme should make you feel right at home.
  2. Man I want to get Laura Palmer'd after listening to this.
  3. Damn this leaked early, awesome. If the entire thing is as good as the singles and the NTS Mix, this will be a very early AOTY contender.
  4. So a black person having their own opinions on shit (i.e. anti-authority etc.) is right wing to you. Noted.
  5. You must sniff some good asscracks to read/hear this stuff and think it's right wing.
  6. this isn't amo 2 downvoted
  7. So much fights about something that is just an EP of little experiments, sometimes with stems from the amo album. its okay
  8. Really happy to see both Krysta and Courtney now being back and doing their things. But man, teenage me is sad to know an IWABO revival will probably never happen anymore
  9. This is your standard Chugga Chugga Suicide Silence fare, so fans will feel at home. Why this is tagged Black Metal I have no fucking idea. This is straight up Slam/Deathcore how they used to make.
  10. And what if said laws are put into place, a right wing party takes over the government and then has access to use said laws. Recipe for disaster.
  11. Yes. Now do I like these fucks? Hell no. But we see with the UK for example what the slippery slope of censorship and "hate speech laws" lead to. Where a girl who was just quoting Snoop Dogg lyrics gets sentenced ( guilty of sending a grossly offensive message ) What some people don't realize is that the lawmakers are not on your side. You want nazis to get censored, they will gladly do it by introducing laws, but what makes you think they won't come for you with said laws next? [BTW, the girl was given an eight-week community order, placed on an eight-week curfew and told to pay costs of £500 and an £85 victim surcharge. All for quoting rap lyrics.]
  12. *radio caller quality voice* "That shit is fucking TRASH, DAWG. Get the fuck off the airwave!"
  13. It's becoming easier and easier to splice shit together and create rap songs with just someones voice. With the technology advancing so fast, I wouldn't put it past these record labels to one day create another 2Pac record or something with some AI-Generated raps. For example, here is MC Jarbo, which just takes audioclips from MundaneMatt.
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