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  1. All these people in the music video he can snitch on in the future.
  2. It sounds better than the original, most definately. still Good for nostalgia if you grew up on this, otherwise, meh.
  3. Hail Chad, hail Chad His mightiness The Kroegster, reign supreme His cock is large, just like a barge If you don't hail The Kroegster™ you will die
  4. This series was an absolute blast to follow from start to finish. I have to say, listening to it now all back to back does not have quite the same effect as having the 6 month breaks in between each release, in parts it kinda added to the "wait, this kinda sounds familiar, or does it??" feeling I always had with the newer releases. When Stage 4 came out I wasn't really expecting it to hit as hard as it did, and Stage 6 fucked me up hard. Granted, nowadays I mostly listen to stuff from Stage 1-3, 4-6 are not only extreme on the noise scale but also just on the emotional impact. All in all, it was a perfect finale to the THE CARETAKER project. Also really glad to have picked up the entire series on the blue vinyls, looks freaking dope.
  5. I feel like this mostly has hype because of nostalgia feelings. The first album from BVB was never that good to begin with, it just came out in a time where people really vibed with that lyrical content. Like others said, the screams are pretty bad, the instrumens and mix on those is good. Andys cleans are as boring as ever.
  6. Terrible, lazy artwork for a super bland song. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.
  7. This came out of nowhere, and fuck yeah gimme a reunion. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE DEAD is still one of the best Midwest Emo/Post-HC type Concept Records
  8. In no particular order The Weeknd - After Hours Haley Williams - Petals For Armor MC Jarbo - Chronicles of a Cuck Prezident - Alles ist voll von Göttern Code Orange - Underneath
  9. While I do really enjoy the song, I'd genuinly also would have preferred more punch in the mix, feels a bit dull and flat in the moment where it should kick you in the face. Otherwise tho, im really stoked for the next album now.
  10. Sadly doesn't have the extremely gripping moments of the TLoU1 Soundtrack, but is still very good.
  11. Chapter 319 is aggression with punches mostly going for cheap shots Knees on the Ground in comparision is fucking important and hits in all the right places. Tho I might understand why that is: Knees was carefully written prior to the events unfolding and Chapter came as a reaction, kinda symbolizing the human reaction to these events. When it is fresh, we tend to get aggressive and shout. When it is something we have the time to think about, we get far deeper towards the root core of the issue and stay focused. (Disregard I thought Knees was a newer track but it's actually quite a classic in the clipping. catalogue. Point still kind of stands I guess.) Kinda why I feel RTJ4 was one of the most important releases that came out recently.
  12. While this does not have a song that affected me as hard as "WHITE LIGHT" did, this album is so fucking dope. There is some absolutely raw energy in it, it feels real as fuck. AFTERMATH is such an insane closer. Applause fkn indeed.
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