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  1. "Simp Hell, this suicide text-to-speech music. Can you ban amo" Yeah I can agree with that sentiment.
  2. This has a good THE CARETAKER vibe going on. Granted, Caretaker and Basinski are venturing in the same ambient realms but this gets really close to the feeling of EVERYWHERE AT THE END OF TIME. Definately Basinski's best work in a long time. Thanks for the massive early leak.
  3. Well still doesn't beat "If I fuck this model, and she just bleached her asshole, and I get bleach on my T-Shirt, I'ma feel like an asshole". That will be forever his magnum opus
  4. Thanks for the drop. Well, I feel that we reached a point where you (or at least I) can only really go: Yeah, its another BMTH release. I like their style so I like this. But it's nothing special or anything. What I kinda have to give an extra mention tho is KINGSLAYER. The Babymetal Feature sounded weird to me, but that song goes so extremely hard in all the best ways and reminded me of this one japanese Trance-Metal Blood Stain Child.
  5. Yet you still felt mentioned and moved to downvote.
  6. Every now and then, I just download a random album on here merely based on cover and genre, funnily many times it's Summers uploads. And I am glad I checked this one out, this is some really awesome lofi ambient electronic in the vein of Boards of Canada. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Everytime this website gets into a political spergout it's such a perfect display how illiterate most of you are and either repeat leftist, centrist or right talking points.
  8. Horrible guitar parts, laughable production, godawful lyrics. There is literally nothing you can take from this pile of shit.
  9. nice and smooth song. glad to get a new album so soon after NFR
  10. Finally got around to checking this out, after loving most of clippings catalogue, I kinda was spooked away a bit by the godawful Chapter 319, but holy fuck this is good, like, seriously good. Pain Everyday and Enlacing blew my head apart.
  11. If u dont fugg to ANIMALS ur gey, lol HAIL CHAD aka TheKroegster™
  12. Man this already sounds very VERY promising. thanks
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