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  1. Thanks for this. Tyrant music when he comes to give you a boop is nice.
  2. Seems to be a misprint on the vinyl sleeve. The CD case has it written as "ouch".
  3. If it helps you get over the people who don't like this album, be my guest.
  4. Man I just can't listen to Africa, irrelevant if cover or not, without thinking of the dude who packed his donger in tinfoil and put it in the electric socket. God damn you, internet. I bless the rains down in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAfrica. Thanks for this.
  5. Almost the same cover like "Altarage - The Approaching Roar", funny coincidence.
  6. Gotta disagree on how well this will do, LeoLHC. I think despite what one might think that this album will do pretty well in salesnumbers/charts, especially streaming. While I don't like most of it myself, it definately hits the sounds of the current Zeigeist of mainstream music.
  7. Thanks for this. Singles were amazing so I expect the full album to be treat.
  8. Funnily, I like the more electronic songs like Nihilist Blues the most (despite me believing I would dislike them the most) because the more "BMTH"-oriented Tracks are so bloody generic that they fade into the background pretty hard, super clean radio/stadium-rock songs The production is super high quality tho, sqeaky clean. So for people who like it a bit rougher around the sounds, eh. I would at this point be more interested in a side project from Oli and Jordan than another BMTH album tbh.
  9. The way they milk his name kinda makes you strap on the tinfoil, go full Alex Jones and believe his label got him whacked.
  10. It gets worse and worse with each new single, oof
  11. Amazing single and man I love that album cover.
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