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  1. I have a feeling this artist is gonna have a tough time going anywhere with that name/art. They legitimately ripped off a Microwave GA shirt
  2. Never heard of these guys before, but this band is SICK! Thanks for the upload!
  3. Thank you! Wasn't quite expecting the new single so soon!
  4. Noticed the issue as well... Sounds like an issue with the rip or clock source tbh. Hoping for a fixed version sooner or later! Really dug what I heard up until the issue came up!
  5. Definitely would be interested in everything there is tbh!
  6. Went into this open minded and hoping to enjoy it. I'd say a couple tracks are decent, but holy hell the album SOUNDS horrible.. EDIT: Also, have to add --- Thanks for the upload @Rusha15! Not trying to sound ungrateful lol
  7. Pretty solid album! Thanks for the up! But does anyone feel the tracklisting is kinda strange? Definitely felt that Empty Picture Frames should be track 1. It's just got a really accessible sound and also the Home Inside My Head line that would probably work as an opener to me.
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