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  1. Thank you for posting this. I like Legendary, you ain't ready, save me, rise up, never going back, reach, finish line, and back to life. Not a bad album. Better than Unleashed. My favorite from them is still Awake.
  2. Listened to this without looking at the tracklist. The covers caught me completely off guard. Blur is great and I prefer this version of Something Wonderful.
  3. Thank you for posting this. Lil Aaron is one of my favorite up and coming artists along with convolk.
  4. Been a fan of Shinedown since 2005. I really like this album. I'd probably rank this second after Sound of Madness. They got a few good heavy songs on here. They do too much anthemy in your face songs tho. I like Black Soul, Pyro, Monsters, Darkside, Evolve, and Brilliant. Both bonus tracks are good too. Headcase is better than everything on the album imo. Darkside reminds me of twenty one pilots, who I also like. The beginning of Creatures sounds like their old stuff from Leave a Whisper but then gets too modern. Thanks for the upload and the bonus tracks \m/
  5. Skillet is good. Their 2009 album Awake is amazing. Knew Jen had a great voice since then. I'm not that religious but her and Skillet are good. This EP was a little too poppy, but it's not bad. Would love to hear Jen do a collaboration with A Day to Remember.
  6. I really like this album. I hear The Dangerous Summer, REM, Death Cab for Cutie, and Mayday Parade in them
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