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  1. If you have a issue wait until the albums and songs come out you can have all the 320 you want
  2. Ok then there’s something wrong with your values
  3. Little pissy that we’re defending a band we like buddy?
  4. Wow I didn’t know 3 year olds could operate this website
  5. Much better then AMO and MUCH! better the Attila’s new trash heap
  6. Ok so you rather have a arrogant prick that rips off fans constantly and doesn’t care about anyone but himself as opposed to someone who’s actually is happy in the band
  7. I genuinely Iove 95% of this album
  8. I don’t hate either songs but brand new numb may get old at some point
  9. I’ve been listening to it since it came out I think I know what it sounds like YOU are a sad strange little man and you have my pity farewell
  10. Imma let in on a secret. They aren’t auto tuned to shit
  11. No no no I got a good one imagine thinking they didn’t HA
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