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  1. I don’t hate either songs but brand new numb may get old at some point
  2. I’ve been listening to it since it came out I think I know what it sounds like YOU are a sad strange little man and you have my pity farewell
  3. Imma let in on a secret. They aren’t auto tuned to shit
  4. No no no I got a good one imagine thinking they didn’t HA
  5. Pride and artistic vision is more important then money
  6. Genre shift and making music to make money are two different things
  7. BMTH is a joke at this point and I’m tired of people praising them
  8. Nope hypocritical that you think the laziest album of the year is well done and a album that took actual work is lazy
  9. Have fun believing your hypocritical lifestyle princess
  10. Jesus Christ what a joke😂 that’s your response god that’s rich
  11. Being a band for 13 years that’s peachy he’s lieing to fans by lip syncing at every show. Corey taylor m shadows jacoby shadixx those three have been in a band for 20 years and have had multiple vocal surgeries and the change how they sing and they still preform every single night ozzy Osborne has been performing since the early 80s you want a stupid argument look at what you just said buddy olis wife cheated that sucks and i feel sorry for him the singer of i prevail has been living with diagnosed depression and anxiety his whole life that’s what this album is about ive been cheated on and I have depression and anxiety. And I prevails lyrics resinate with me more because there’s passion behind his voice and he doesn’t rely on auto running his voice Oli literally has another member of the band sing most of their shit live and doesn’t get credit you have legitimately no clue what your talking about. i rather support a band that can preform the music they make well as opposed to a talentless hack who takes credit away from his band and deceives fans into thinking they are paying to see him preform not a fucking computer
  12. Atleast I prevail can actually preform this live and can write lyrics that don’t sound like someone just trying to make a song for the sake of making it (some of I prevails lyrics suck) but they have feeling in their vocals and don’t rely on a shit tone of auto tune. I’m tired of idiots praising bands that sell out just to sell more records. If your just doing it to get payed you need to stop making music
  13. Frank Sinatra isn’t metal elton John isn’t metal elvis isn’t metal joe satriani isn’t metal johnny cash isn’t metal you wanna try that again powder puff
  14. Attila is maybe a 1 at most and BMTH is maybe a 3 Then your not the people I’m talking to you but I still don’t understand the appeal of the other two
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