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  1. I've had that happen with a couple of albums before. I thought maybe it had something to do with extracting before moving, (although I've done that thousands of times before), so now I always move the zip first and then extract. So far it hasn't happened again.
  2. There's a 320 version out in the wild. I downloaded it the other day.
  3. @duck! So much agree. I absolutely love this band to death and they have never disappointed me with a single album....until now. Like you I can't get into a single track on this disc. I really, really hope volume II is better because I won't be spinning volume I again anytime soon.
  4. Thanks for the link. Seems like it's a max of 5 downloads though unfortunately.
  5. Loved that band soooo much. It's a damn shame they never released another album.
  6. Devin is one of my heroes as well but there's been a couple of missteps in his discography for me personally. I have listened to Casualties of Cool several times but I just can't get into it at all, (which is weird because I love Ghost). I find a lot of the songs on Deconstruction just kind of meander and drag as well. But most of the rest is gold.
  7. I didn't like the last album much but even it was a hundred times better than this. Album is freaking horrible. My buddy called it a "Def Leppard cover band". Pretty sad as those 80s and 90s Tesla albums were fantastic. This doesn''t even sound like the same band.
  8. HUGE, (old school), In Flames fan, (I admittedly absolutely loved Battles), and if fans did not like the last album they are going to absolutely despise this song, lol. I didn't think they could get even less metal than Battles but I was wrong. Still love it though. Good time to be me with new In Flames, Soilwork, and COB albums early next year.
  9. Oh man I am ashamed. I love Sigh so much and I had NO idea they had an album coming out. This has made my day.
  10. Absolutely agree with everything you said. I can't even listen to "Another Level".
  11. Which album is that? HUGE Katatonia fan here as well.
  12. Anyone having technical difficulties with this one? I can listen to the songs just fine in iTunes but I can't put them on my iPod. It crashes every time saying that some of the songs "could not be found". I've tried two different iPods and it's the same thing. I can add other music no problem though. Edit: Never mind. The Zippyshare one refused to work so I tried the Pass the Leaks one and it was fine.
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