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  1. I enjoyed this from beginning to the end. I actually felt like the album kept getting better until the very end. I loved the breather it gives you with Moloko Plus and Hannah, and the way they transition into You Were Right (probably my favorite song from their EP). Favorite songs are probably Ian Hates Gretchen and the last one which I thought had ended early. This actually exceeded my expectations. lol
  2. So nice to hear Lauren's voice over some really awesome instrumentals. Jared did an amazing job. I liked Red handed Denial, but the instrumentation always felt kind of lacking in places (plus the overall direction of the songs). Productions sounds pretty nice here too. Can't wait for the album to release. Thanks!
  3. I definitely get Protest vibes, mixed with a bit of Eidola. Sounds pretty awesome.
  4. I saw mathcore and wasn't disappointed. Thanks!
  5. The song in the description is smooth as fuck. Definitely going to check this out.
  6. Vanta is by far my favorite song on the album. The chorus gives me goosebumps. Jukai is my second favorite.
  7. I honestly thought that was Anthony Green in the thumbnail lol This is pretty good though
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