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  1. Holy shit, I didn't know he made actual music, this exceeded every expectation of this that I had (which was none lol)
  2. Never thought I'd see Kikuo on KL. I would mind him doing another collab with Hana.
  3. The single is way cooler than I expected it to be. Thought it would be more artsy, but it's more grungy and kind of sludgy.
  4. This is some groovy ass black metal. Parts of the featured song give me Kardashev vibes.
  5. This sounds more like post-hardcore with 1975s influences to me. Like Issues or DGD type post-hardcore.
  6. I honestly enjoy this a lot more than Flower Boy and that was the first album of his that I was able to listen to front to back. The only problem I had with Flower Boy was its slight lack of replay value because lot of the songs are a bit too slow and mellow. This has the experimentalness of Cherry Bomb with the Soul of Flower Boy. Easily my favorite album of his so far. Every song is really fun to listen to and sounds great on my speakers. The album doesn't sound that great on my ATH m50x's though, mostly because they lack the bass of my sub.
  7. Not in my head canon lol At least not now. I'd like to think the cycle eventually broke and now this is the world he's in.
  8. In my head canon, this is a sequel to Juggernaut, and Billy is the boy from Juggernaut that got resurrected at the end. Now he has to survive the green skin apocalypse and the rest of the songs somehow connect. lol Rather than the demon being born inside of him, it was born into the world.
  9. PI and PIII are my least favorite albums of theirs (I don't really even like PI tbh), so this is competing against Omega (my favorite) and PII mostly.
  10. His vocals sound so damn good in this. Chorus sounds huge. This easily will be among my favorite Periphery songs. Gives me the same vibes Stranger Things gives me with a bit of Priestess mixed in.
  11. I enjoyed this from beginning to the end. I actually felt like the album kept getting better until the very end. I loved the breather it gives you with Moloko Plus and Hannah, and the way they transition into You Were Right (probably my favorite song from their EP). Favorite songs are probably Ian Hates Gretchen and the last one which I thought had ended early. This actually exceeded my expectations. lol
  12. So nice to hear Lauren's voice over some really awesome instrumentals. Jared did an amazing job. I liked Red handed Denial, but the instrumentation always felt kind of lacking in places (plus the overall direction of the songs). Productions sounds pretty nice here too. Can't wait for the album to release. Thanks!
  13. I definitely get Protest vibes, mixed with a bit of Eidola. Sounds pretty awesome.
  14. I saw mathcore and wasn't disappointed. Thanks!
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