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  1. As much as I dig this band, this tune is a little on the boring side compared to the others.. probably fun to play though!
  2. Audiotree.. Devil Wears Prada.. My day.. Everything is right.
  3. Definitely shifting back to Planet of Ice with this tune. These guys have gotten me through so many 8 hour road trips.. it's sad to hear they're splitting.
  4. This is the first I've heard of these guys. Definitely interested in more!
  5. I must have listened to this a good dozen times since coming across it last night. can. not. get. enough.
  6. Very happy to hear these guys are still making music. 5 years in the making!
  7. Great band, great tune.. should be a killer album, as per usual.
  8. Not sure how I missed this.. great release!
  9. Was not expecting this to show up until later! Thank you!
  10. It's understandable from a business perspective that a band needs air-time in order to flourish. The drastic shift in direction through Suicide Season was their marker, but in my opinion, was also the day these guys drowned. Really wish they didn't stray so far from Count Your Blessings.. This song is definitely a fuse between Sempiternal and That's the Spirit, which will without a doubt be a hit with their current audience.