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  1. No, it was a question based on the information at hand Everybody has their own preferences. I get where you guys are coming from, no need to be defensive lol
  2. Generally yes, I would agree that lyrics are what drive the genre.
  3. With this band specifically? Given your fav genre/ artists, I don't quite understand how you could..
  4. I wouldn't go as far to say it's boring, but then again I'm a fan of instrumental versions. Given their leads, it's probably easier for prog metal core groups to get away with this.. Have you ever thought of it as a soundscape, using your imagination to fill the void?
  5. @Lord Kingdom @Lord Rorschach Haha You guys are tailing each other!
  6. For some reason, this release didn't hit me the same way The Place I Feel Safest did. So with that I thought to myself that this EP would be a great transition into something bigger.. If a full length can be expected in the near future.. lemme grab my dancing shoes!
  7. DrDoom

    Discover: Core

    These guys are groovy
  8. Ahh this album is gonna be good! HYPE
  9. I'm sure there are better ways to describe your fondness
  10. DrDoom

    Discover: Metal

    [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3829722383 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
  11. DrDoom

    Discover: Core

    Early Born of Osiris vibes all over this .. listen in
  12. DrDoom

    Discover: Metal

    Production is a little lo-fi but these guys have a nice blend to them - dig it
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