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  1. This is so juicy. Vocal blends, instrumentation, song structure.. Front to back, all on point to make that signature AILD sound, almost like 2014 was yesterday.
  2. A little insight into the writing of the album..
  3. Solid blend of tones, short clips, and prog transitions all mixed in a post-rock bag. This is a great listen.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed this, over and over and over. All Grey is a beautiful, calming track and the cover of 1979 was nicely done; very fitting to finish it off. Looking forward to a full length release from these guys.
  5. Damn, this is solid. Throw on some Hi-Fi's and immerse yourself. This will not disappoint.
  6. Great listen! Entire album flows nicely
  7. These new tracks are killer +1
  8. I dig the industrial sound of this. Can imagine it being more of a relief track on the album though. Still hyped
  9. Killer album. Rips / Pulls / Tears.. aaaall the way through 👍
  10. These guys have a great thing going. Each release has been solid so far. Getting hyped for the album 🔥
  11. First time listener not knowing what to expect. Some great chill tones throughout. Enjoyed from start to finish. +1
  12. Loving this stuff. Let's hear some more!
  13. Napoleon was great but I never really enjoyed the vocals; they always seemed out of place to me. This though.. Mmm, this is good.
  14. Thoroughly enjoying every single track that's surfaced so far! Solid work +1
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