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  1. Killer album. Rips / Pulls / Tears.. aaaall the way through 👍
  2. These guys have a great thing going. Each release has been solid so far. Getting hyped for the album 🔥
  3. First time listener not knowing what to expect. Some great chill tones throughout. Enjoyed from start to finish. +1
  4. Loving this stuff. Let's hear some more!
  5. Napoleon was great but I never really enjoyed the vocals; they always seemed out of place to me. This though.. Mmm, this is good.
  6. Thoroughly enjoying every single track that's surfaced so far! Solid work +1
  7. 'No Apologies' and 'Balance' have a fresh vibe to them and flow well. It's easy to hear that they are trying to do the same with this, but it doesn't quite get there. The chorus is catchy.. but the repetitive-ness is no bueno.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Killer album with some great vocal guests.
  9. I'm loving the sound. Looking forward to the album.
  10. This is beautiful. Eagerly awaiting a full release!
  11. Going to see the movie tonight. My expectations are high after listening to this 👍
  12. These guys are so good at what they do, I wouldn't be surprised if this version sold more than the original with vocals.
  13. Really enjoying what these guys have been putting out. Great flow, hits hard, and fits well into the gym playlist +1
  14. Exactly what I was thinking.. and this is pretty good!
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