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  1. Can’t get enough of this 👍 Great band, great sound
  2. Another stellar piece by these guys! Instrumentation on point 👌👍
  3. Anda Bien! They had me when they released ‘No Peace’, but this album in its entirety does not disappoint. Rips from start to finish.
  4. +1 Classic tunes that still have their edge. I dig it.
  5. Definitely feel this too. I'm glad their back and I'm eager to hear more.
  6. This new track excites me - A mature, more powerful Sea awaits us!
  7. +1 This EP has got some crazy energy
  8. As a fan of instrumental work, this was enjoyable. Yet, I would have sooner liked to hear some of these guitar riffs incorporated in Born of Osiris tracks.
  9. Arguably their best album to date, going beyond expectation. Nicely pieced, dynamic, and emotional - this will surely open doors to expand their fanbase.
  10. Front to back, this album rips - Great follow up to Embodiment Also, as others have mentioned, solid album for the gym
  11. Love the tone that is being set with these new tracks. The inclusion of clean vocals with Phils projected style is a giant leap forward. Really reminds me of Michael Akerfeldt's old style.
  12. Hits hard and emotionally charged. Great sound going on here.
  13. Hot damn! This is a blast from the past
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