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  1. Visceral. This album explodes with emotion, and the bands delivery is great: Vocals are intense, yet easy on the ears. Hooks are hard, heavy, and catchy. Production is great.
  2. This really comes off as an interlude of sorts. Personally, I'm not feeling it but definitely hoping it has it's place on the album.
  3. This is so juicy. Vocal blends, instrumentation, song structure.. Front to back, all on point to make that signature AILD sound, almost like 2014 was yesterday.
  4. A little insight into the writing of the album..
  5. Solid blend of tones, short clips, and prog transitions all mixed in a post-rock bag. This is a great listen.
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this, over and over and over. All Grey is a beautiful, calming track and the cover of 1979 was nicely done; very fitting to finish it off. Looking forward to a full length release from these guys.
  7. Damn, this is solid. Throw on some Hi-Fi's and immerse yourself. This will not disappoint.
  8. Great listen! Entire album flows nicely
  9. I dig the industrial sound of this. Can imagine it being more of a relief track on the album though. Still hyped
  10. Killer album. Rips / Pulls / Tears.. aaaall the way through 👍
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