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  1. This gets better and better with every listen +1
  2. Looking over the fact that they released about half the songs prior to the full album.. This just kills. Damn good.
  3. This is on same page as new In Flames - Good radio rock.
  4. Sounds like every other song they’ve released so far, which isn’t bad, but nothing special either.
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed this - especially the Coordinates (Reprise) track. It's true, ABR does not disappoint.
  6. Beauty of an album. Close your eyes and let it take you.
  7. Good vibes coming from these. Heavy hitting, great tone.. Definitely eager to hear more
  8. Wow! Been so long since I’ve listened to these guys. This brings me back..Thanks for posting!
  9. Happy to finally hear some new music from these guys. When compared to earlier works, this falls more in line with an intro track than anything. They did say they were changing things up, so hopefully we get something with a little more substance before the album release in March.
  10. If you're a fan of the genre, this will not disappoint. Beautifully written both instrumentally and lyrically - it's very captivating. Very comparable to anything by The Ocean.
  11. The musicianship in this is fantastic +1 solid listen
  12. Cannot get enough of this Most anticipated Feb release for me
  13. Dig the clean verse-dirty chorus structure. Could really feel the dark heavy tones in this one. +1
  14. So good - really looking forward to the second half of this
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