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  1. This is top notch. Can’t wait to hear more with the new vocalist.
  2. Giving us a taste of what’s to come. Definitely looking forward to that upcoming album.
  3. This one just keeps spinning. Great songwriting and musicianship through its entirety.
  4. However short, this is a damn tasty EP. From track one, the wispy leads take you to the clouds painting one hell of a journey
  5. These guys have been on a tear since The Place I Feel Safest, and the new tunes show no sign of slowing. Eager to hear what else they have in store for us.
  6. The song itself has great tone but doesn't offer much else. Nevertheless, glad to see these guys are back.
  7. I've been circling back to their discography lately and am always amazed by the musicianship in their work. This album may not have been much of a step above the last, but it certainly showcases their ability to write quality tracks.
  8. Visceral. This album explodes with emotion, and the bands delivery is great: Vocals are intense, yet easy on the ears. Hooks are hard, heavy, and catchy. Production is great.
  9. This really comes off as an interlude of sorts. Personally, I'm not feeling it but definitely hoping it has it's place on the album.
  10. This is so juicy. Vocal blends, instrumentation, song structure.. Front to back, all on point to make that signature AILD sound, almost like 2014 was yesterday.
  11. A little insight into the writing of the album..
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