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  1. @SavageWraith Great review Couldn't agree more. The ending of The Colour Of Leaving has some of the best lyrics. "You never know the words you should've said until they're all you're left with, until the dirt is falling and the guilt it burns your bones. And we ask the biggest question, Why the fuck did this all happen? Who on earth deserves this and what the hell do we do now? So we live like we have lost and we love like we are broken. And as the color leaves the sky we are left in reverence of the frailty of it all." God I love this band.
  2. @blake_of_fire
  3. I really enjoy every song. You can feel the emotion they put into the album especially when you read the meaning of the album and songs. Abusolute Power, Shadow Boxing, In Blood, Chronos, I Hope You Rot are heavy hitters with Wishing Wells. Prey, The Void, are songs that branch out more towards different styles in my opinion. Cemetery Bloom is interesting about Winston's wife and his words and poetry are so good throughout the album. The Colour Of Leaving is emotional and heartbreaking about the loss of the band's friends dying to cancer. Overall I'd give it an 8/10. Better than I was expecting. This album was scaring me but I have faith Parkway will be safe in the future with this direction.
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