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  1. Oh, that was just for laughs, don't get your panties in a bunch as well.
  2. Well aside from the frankly pitiful fact that you could even call what occurred a 'fight', I have the right to express my opinion through any means necessary. You cunt.
  3. This whole 'triggered' and 'salty' shit is laughable. You consider this a fight? Worst case scenario, go to a different website. Can't I type a few mean words without it being reflective of a furious state of rage? Guess not
  4. Pretty pussy of you to label someone 'toxic' from them having a disagreement with you. Maybe don't blindly insult artists without expecting a little backlash? Maybe, YOU'RE toxic for even having an opposing opinion! See how ridiculous that is? Don't start crying when another anonymous asshole starts disputing your thoughtless opinions.
  5. What he did was marginalize my opinion based on the assumption that I do actually enjoy Attila's music. Being written off as a 'fanboy' of a band that I wasn't even defending is ludicrous.
  6. A. It wasn't even slightly witty. B. He compared a band that thrives on hedonism to an individual struggling to overcome an addiction. Musically and ethically there is no connection. Am I not allowed to be passionate about artists I admire? Then don't get triggered by my calling you a cunt. It's just an opinion.
  7. How would one politely call another out on what they see as an absolutely asinine opinion? I'd hardly call my conversation "biting heads off for no reason".
  8. Don't try to be funny and coy, you obviously lack the capabilities.
  9. Nice job leaving out the part where I called you on your illiteracy. Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with Attila so why you're droning on about them is questionable.
  10. lmao fuck off you cunt. Atilla is one of literally hundreds of bands I listen to. Can't even say that was a good attempt at a rebuttal. Also, your post is a grammatical nightmare. Read a fucking book.
  11. dude....stop. First off there are almost no similarities between the aforementioned bands. Secondly, Attila has a massive amount of hate behind them, & thirdly, you shouldn't compare 2 bands that are producing music from a wildly different perspective. Fourthly get fucked.
  12. My choice is 'Say Goodbye' but I can fuck with it.
  13. I would argue that Evolve was the pinnacle, but I'll agree that he's no Hemmingway. However, the songs have deluded to 'fuck this fuck that fuck you' and that's just pitiful.
  14. If this were any edgier I could use the LP to shave a bear.
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