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  1. While I disagree, I'd be a happy boi if you were a happy boi, Mr. Alpha Wolf
  2. Feels less pop punk. While it's a great song, I hope the new album feels more
  3. I love the fact that the band predates the meme by almost a decade
  4. Feel bad for that nice lady. Getting hit by a blue shell sounds like it hurts.
  5. A fun little album. Lyrically silly but the songwriting is pretty good.
  6. What I meant was that synthpop peaked long before 2016
  7. have you heard of a little thing called new wave?
  8. you're right. I don't think these two are unrelated Also, "name dropping 3 bands" is an answer, it's literally what you asked for, even if it's not what you meant
  9. Weezer, Green Day, Blink 182 It was a stretch, I'm so sorry
  10. Insert Hank Hill saying "I'm 'bout to bust" here
  11. I do. You've ruined me, nuggets. I still enjoy stray from the path, yet I am reminded of your existance every time I do
  12. Songwriting is still phenomenal in this heavier style. @nuggets The Drew Dijorio feature is wonderful
  13. Based on the comments, I'm not even gonna listen to this
  14. I've been on a crabcore kick, but couldn't really find a ton of bands, so I figured I would ask for recommendations, a la @Dust of Pain These are the one's I'm familiar with, and yes I'm aware some of them don't exist anymore Asking Alexandria Attack Attack! Woe, Is Me Abandon All Ships We Came As Romans Make Me Famous
  15. Short and sweet. Also those vocals are so cool.
  16. Song is straight juice Kinda reminds me of BMTH's Blessed with a Curse
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