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  1. The cover in spotify has no people on it. How very sad
  2. very nice. the music video is unsettling the more I watch it. I think imma just listen to it now
  3. Interested to see what this year brings as far as pop punk. Here's one great single
  4. Super fun song. 'blud is back at it again
  5. I loved Don Broco, but INK as well. I would just like to point out that INK's vocalist has expressed that it is intentionally cheesy and tongue and cheek. I personally think it has a lot of flare and originality, but out of 2 decades worth of metalcore, yeah, the Silver Scream will probably be forgotten.
  6. Once again, his songwriting transcends the "video original song" label. Love most of his stuff, especially the FNAF album.
  7. I can't help but think of Attack Attack's woo in Stick Stickly for some reason
  8. Great song. Makes me want to try to catch up with pop music. Has any other band gone from Deathcore to Pop in the history of music?
  9. 1. Dance Gavin Dance 2. Don Broco Top 10s are hard. Others include Mayday Parade Slaves Hellions State Champs Ice Nine Kills Beartooth Architects Polyphia
  10. Music video is miles worse than both
  11. Melon has decreased the overlooking of Daughters
  12. This song isn't as bad as yall make it out to be. It's isn't near their greatest, but it is not bad.
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