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  1. Surprisingly, I Prevail also got nominated
  2. Love how they're self aware about their fans "Song's got a little bit of there is a hell in it"
  3. Another great Muri song. I dunno why he had to cuck us like that tho What do you suggest I listen to then?
  4. wonder how much their original stuff actually gets listened to. their remixes have got them to 3 mil monthly listeners on spotify
  5. why's the broccoli hurting the man?
  6. I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road gonna RIIIIIIIIDE till I can't no more
  7. I'm pretty sure Fantasy Land was a Selective Hearing b-side
  8. hey, they know how to make money, so why not? nothing wrong with it
  9. The fantastic songwriters that are the Wentworths have done it again. Another batch of great post-hardcore songs. Just post-hardcore songs tho. The title track isn't good. Production is kinda weird too.
  10. All Time Low needs to step the album cover game up. Text in this font just ain't doin it, chief
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