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  1. The artwork has the same style as the albums, whereas Summertime Gladness and Pussy Vultures don't
  2. the gap between Instant Gratification and Mothership is 1 year. the gap between Mothership and ArSe is 2 years. I sure hope the gap between ArSe and LP9 is just a year. also I think there are few better ways to start a day than to see a new DGD feed in my feed
  3. best teeth in the game my bunghole
  4. this is a great food related name for a metalcore band and hot milk is the best food related pop punk band name
  5. I'm a sucker for Sia's voice. The song is great in addition to that
  6. of all bands to think through their music videos well, I prevail would not be one of them it's silly, it's fun. I like it love the fact that it goes into the mellow electronic bit instead of guitars right away I'm really excited for this album track's so short tho on account of its brevity and the song title not ending with the word down, I give this 0/10
  7. I was gonna make a neck deep joke, but to be honest, the wstr cover reminded me of mcr more and another band called all american rejects, I dunno if anyone has heard of them
  8. there is some psychological effect I can't remember the name of where the first thing in a group of things you are exposed to ends up being your favorite. it might have to do something with nostalgia. anyway, the first oln album I listened to was selective hearing, so that might have something to do with it. another component is probably my great experience seeing them on the selective hearing tour. who knows, I may end up liking this one more in the future. I just really love selective hearing. I love our last night ('s original music.)
  9. I have settled my mind this is a darn good album. at first it seems monotonous, but after more listens, there is actually a lot of variety in the songs it's not as good as selective hearing, but it's close behind I'm excited for part 2
  10. what a relief. quite the coincidence that two artists put out the first halves of two-part records on the same release day. what a time to be alive
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