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  1. It's not bad but it's not Beartooth. Don't know who the Troggs are so I didn't know what to expect.
  2. Scrolling past I thought it was flower boy
  3. Danny is going full insane/anarchist/joker/gamersriseup That shot of him laughing maniacally while dual wielding automatic firearms makes me want to never listen to the song ever again.
  4. Smooth af is a great way to describe it. Love the song, excited for the album.
  5. This thread was never not going to be spicy. As for what I think of the song, it's exactly what I expected. This is the direction we all knew their sound was going to go in (roughly) and this track is not great. Never thought I would want to go back to Alone in a Room.
  6. If the song is generic, then the comments are generic as well. Honestly, I'm a normie enough to enjoy it for being a banger with a catchy chorus, and am excited for August thirtieth. Also, Pressure's art is pretty.
  7. the asian women don't seem to like this song
  8. Why would anyone listen to this when they could listen to the original?
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