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  1. You could even make the customization exclusive to certain user classes
  2. This is fuckin tight. Reminds me of PUP but with more indie rock influence
  3. Since we don't have enough metalcore threads in general discussion I decided to add one. What's your favorite metalcore song of the year so far? For me it's either Polaris' Landmine or Veil of Maya's Outsider.
  4. Damn, this is lit as fuck. I'm really close to stanning Ariana, but not quite there.
  5. Just been jamming this new Lady Gaga and feening for Parasite Eve
  6. While that one's awful too, I gotta say yes. It just feels like he paid 99 cents for the military font and threw it on a picture of him with some skulls
  7. Worst album artwork of the year so far
  8. Everytime theres a popular thread it happens to me. I think the limit is 30
  9. Better than the Lines EP don't @ me
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