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  1. Big Man Tyrone can say it better than I so I'll let him take it away
  2. After Doppelganger this is the only album of theirs I've listened to and holy shit is this awesome. Those riffs got me moving like
  3. To me this feels like a phc singer songwriter record because nothing is really special besides the composition and vocals. The instrumentals are nice but feel like accompaniment rather than an element worth paying attention to as much as the others. The thing I love about this is the hooks. Every song has a 9-10/10 hook. The melodies are unexpected and beautiful and from the ones I've heard stay in your head for days. Matt delivers them very well. The record's just great. I wouldnt be surprised if it makes top 10 of the year for me. Craig's Law continues to hold up
  4. I like this song a lot, but I'm worried about that 80s pop guitar tone. Hope that doesn't become the next trend in pop punk
  5. After the addition of the banham, I was wondering what it would take and whether it would be feasible to get two more reactions. Personally I think a meh face and an angry face would be cool additions
  6. Of all the bands to get metoo accusations, I would not guess this one. Such a shame, I really wanted another album from them
  7. We don't deserve Kingdom Leaks user Cornchip
  8. Found this, I think it applies here
  9. This is my first Protest the Hero album and I must say that this is an extraordinary sonic experience. The prog riffs, vocals, drumming, and orchestral accompaniment are all turned up to 11 and it has me like For most of it anyway. It's too long. 2/3 of the way through it gets a little stale. That doesn't mean there's even a bad song, but I think it would be more enjoyable if broken into two EP's or something like that
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