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  1. Hahaha I was gonna say as well but I don't think Bethesda should care too much. They seem to be focusing on Fallout lately more anyways lololol. This is totally awesome though!
  2. Wonder if anyone noticed the Skyrim band name here? Hahah Parthurnax the great golden dragon atop of the Throat Of The World. XD love the creativity of the band name here.
  3. Hoping the album pops up on KL or some other site soon. Really enjoyed Awaken the Fire and been waiting for new material from these guys.
  4. Tbh honest it kinda reminds me a little of Chasing Safety. The screams are super good. As with the growls. Reminds me of CS Nomad. Just the cleans are different so lmao not bad very good singer. Imo 10/10 solid release.
  5. Just a question is this same Danger Silent that released the 2017 album "Danger Silent(self titled)"...? Just a bit confused coz if so damn they released music like a hip hop artist does sometimes. Mixtapes or albums lol it's just One two three go! Lmao. Like wow.
  6. Wait those are two different CJ peoples?? Da fuck or waaaah?. Lmao that's hilarious.
  7. I'm confused. I thought when a band releases a deluxe edition that they usually do songs we've either heard but aren't on original release or songs we've never heard at all but are still new. CJ is cool to hear though on the "re-released" songs. Lol idk but with that EP they released I kind of expected some unheard tracks that would be really dope as fuck
  8. When is Outline In Colour supposed to release? Love Three Knee Deep and Year 8 singles. Such a great band.
  9. No lol haven't had a secure and strong enough internet connection to downloads on my phone for a while. And unfortunately my data's at 100% it's unlimited but waaaay to slow for downloading files over 20mb
  10. When I downloaded the file instead of song names I got this (a2t157afdv9.mp3) I had to rename all the files accordingly to each track by using the tracks estimated ending time. I'm speaking English here lol. Idk if any one else who downloaded had same issue. First time happen to me for a full album. Usually only happens when I download a single mp3 file of any random ol' site. Like I mean for me when I downloaded and even still after fixing the names there's no album art showing up or even an artist name. My phone says unknown album and unknown artist. LMAO
  11. @Cam979 @Dr. Thicc Dicc unfortunately I never got into Letlives music. I had no idea this was same vocalist. No I feel stupid lol. Lol sometimes I think ilostem to too much of everything and forget who is who anymore. Maybe I can get onto them now.
  12. This is what I've put the names for numbers as till someone else can figure it out. Hope im not wrong. No offense but I hate it when I have to rename songs and the artist comes up unknown as well as the album
  13. Question. When my phone unpacked the zip file it didn't name the tracks it just kept them in jumbled numbers and letters. Can someone help me with the renaming process in my phone coz idk which track is which now hahahaha. Hope it's not a problem..?