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  1. Got to hear half of the EP in their live set a few weeks back on their tour with Enter Shikari and the songs blew me away. I'm glad they continue to broaden how many genres their catalog covers and this is just so damn catchy and enjoyable, despite being so short. Great stuff!
  2. This is just so good. Chemical, The Thread, and Numb are my current top 3 but I find myself loving each song more during each listen. I feel like TDWP created their own version of Underoath's Erase Me where they experimented with tons of new sounds, but also brought some of the heaviest tracks since Dead Throne. Fantastic release and can't wait to hear some of these new songs live!
  3. Thank you for this! I watched the video during lunch today and was wishing to myself that this would be released for download. They sound amazing in this session.
  4. I just finished my first listen and it was not at all what I expected from Underoath, but that isn't a bad thing. It's a creative album and an enjoyable listen, but I don't think it's fair to compare it to a lot of their discography. They are going in a new direction and the influences of other bands such as BMTH are very present on the album as well as some Sleepwave vibes.
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