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  1. I can't believe someone said this about Palisades. They've gown downhill since something like 6 years with repetitive strctures, overproduced voice and pop-ish songs... While TWA's Violent Noise got some pretty heavy tracks like Stare At The Sun and pretty catchy choruses like the half of this god damn album.
  2. Well... It could be their best album since their masterpiece self titled album. In the end, there's some songs that shouldn't be on this album. The diversity of this album is pretty enjoyable, but there's some songs that sounds off. I'm talking about Empire, Let Me Be and Riot but it's just my opinion. I'm pretty dissappointed by the lyrics. "Four Letter Word" got an awesome and freaking catchy chorus but lyrics are poor. Like in Riot or Empire. First listen I didn't enjoy If Only, but then I heard the lyrics and this is like great. Like Digging My Own Grave. But I want to tell that you'll need several listens through the entire album to actually love it. I think it'll be their most under rated album since everyone seems to hate it. If you replace Let Me Be and Riot by something like The End Of The World and Redline... It could have been a masterpiece. Listen to Broken Heart, Four Letter Word, Bleed For Me, Do You Love Me, Recipe For Disaster, Digging My Own Grave, Resistance, Dead To Me and Mask. They're worth it.
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