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  1. I am eager to find out if he has gotten better since his solo album.
  2. Video is OK, song is boring, the artistic revisionism is interesting.
  3. It's pretty stereotypical symphonic power metal but I really liked the Christopher Lee reading as the ending.
  4. Id give this album a 7/10 mainly because of the mixing and the lack of memorable songs.
  5. I consider this album boring and the electronic/synth elements were sometimes annoying. I enjoyed the koto part in Departure and the saxophone throughout but that is pretty much it. The album needs some sort of direction with two filler songs and the poorly actualized progressive if not avant-garde parts really hurting the overall feeling.
  6. This is pretty good. They released a new EP yesterday.
  7. This album kicked my dog, called me a pussy, and gave me violently erotic nightmares.
  8. This was actually pretty comfy to listen to.
  9. I gave this a spin and nothing really hit me. This feels like a step down from a few years ago when I first heard them play on SiriusXM.
  10. I liked the idea of this but I agree we need better bands and better production. Some of the songs start good (see Shepherd of Fire or like 5 other tracks) then quickly drop below the original. I was thinking they should have done God Damn, Buried Alive, A Little Piece of Heaven or Dancing Dead.
  11. I hope he's considering a sequel to this because I was expecting a face ripper or something other than the soft ending about dying unfulfilled. I do really like this album though, with my favorite song being Throw Them To The Lions because its about being the catalyst for change when times are tough. Be the change you want to see, even if the change is burning the world. Thanks for the FLAC!
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