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  1. there's 3 downloads missing from the download list Nextage (2014) Now I Know (2015) Never Sleep Again (2015)
  2. @ me if you upload the explicit version pls
  3. Crowdkill my end table & bookshelf
  4. never knew I needed to see jesus flex off the cross
  5. It's real he just uses A LOT of short cuts and edits to make it sound clean.
  6. LOLOL you totally read that wrong. I never said play a show. I said do a live play-trough, meaning him sit in front of a camera and play the song without prerecording the guitar. I hope you seriously don't believe that the audio is of what he's playing in the video. It's pre-recorded and mixed audio, then he plays to the audio and puts them together. lot's of people do it beacuse it looks and sounds better but he's the only one of them that has no actual unedited audio of him actually playing his songs.
  7. you can't copyright a band name tho.... I think they mean trademark
  8. @invaderhemp its the closest thing to using a drum machine without using one. he should only be credited for writing drums, not playing. Same goes for the Berried Alive dude. Charles refuses to do a live play through of his songs and will delete and block anyone who asks.
  9. The Day with Nothing slaappssss
  10. i love that almost everyone's "fav genre" says metal or metalcore lol
  11. that's what's up. we need more jpop on here.
  12. Dude. The riff that hits at 0:27 is pretty much the main riff on Encased In Ice by After The Burial...
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