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  1. Banks Arcade - Endnote (2018)

    This is a pretty damn good album.
  2. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (Exclusive Preview) (2018)

    Son of a bitch. I saw plot and then i saw it was a preview. Guess this will do!
  3. Blame - Almanac (2018)

    daaaayyyyummmm this is good.
  4. Slaves - Patience is the Virtue [Single] (2018)

    This is great.
  5. For All Eternity - Fallout (Single) (2017)

  6. The Burial of You and Me - Closure (EP) (2017)

    i dig, i dig. Secrets is a pretty damn good song.
  7. The Surrealist - Echo End (Single) (2017)

    That opening though!
  8. Sleep Talk - New Tradition (Single) (2017)

    Couldnt agree more.
  9. Divisions - Return To Silence (2017)

    More like i had jammed it and it was great. still is great!
  10. Divisions - Return To Silence (2017)

    This was a great album!
  11. Concealed Reality - Hakai (Single) (2017)

    Damn this sounds so good. then you look at their bandcamp and only see singles neing released since 2015
  12. Noija - Colorblind (2017)

    I was impressed with their singles they have dropped so far. time to jam the album!
  13. Earth Trip - ÆTHER - EP

    i let the auto play keep going on YT and from what i have heard this is a pretty damn good album.
  14. Movements - Feel Something (2017)

    the single they released on the 13th was amazing. gonna jam this one
  15. Resolve - Reverie (2017)

    another one added to the list to listen to!