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  1. Almost reminds me of Jardín de la Croix
  2. This is a pretty damn good album.
  3. Son of a bitch. I saw plot and then i saw it was a preview. Guess this will do!
  4. daaaayyyyummmm this is good.
  5. i dig, i dig. Secrets is a pretty damn good song.
  6. More like i had jammed it and it was great. still is great!
  7. Damn this sounds so good. then you look at their bandcamp and only see singles neing released since 2015
  8. I was impressed with their singles they have dropped so far. time to jam the album!
  9. i let the auto play keep going on YT and from what i have heard this is a pretty damn good album.
  10. the single they released on the 13th was amazing. gonna jam this one