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  1. @DIMENSIONAUT IN 3D You can get your 30 second fix for it at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084KJN6N3/ref=pm_ws_tlw_trk7
  2. "Aftermath" gave me the chills, great song and video. Wish TGI the best with this album.
  3. Yes! Used to find bands from this same idea from "alexrainbirdMusic"
  4. That was a wild ride for comments, Thanks boys for the laughs.
  5. Here we go! Just gave it all a listen. Love it! Going to be on repeat when the 320 Quality comes out soon. Thanks KL
  6. @AdamTaylor Check out this screen recording I did for it. Let me know if that helps. Any questions let me know.
  7. I bought the bundle and they sent the GOAT track, sounds exactly the same as this leak. Download it, and extract the zip. Will be in the application "Files"
  8. Good record, got that Four Year Strong vibe, I like it.
  9. Thanks! Just ordered the Shirt and Vinyl bundle
  10. Good ol pop punk song, old vibes are back
  11. Amazing record, dont forget to support these guys
  12. Should be a solid album by Andrés when it comes out
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