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  1. Arguably his best work since V&V (?)
  2. Well maybe because it's the first time and the fact I listened to happiness right before the leak and I'm bit overwhelmed
  3. They finally did it, they finally went full easy-core-pizzaborswithdavedays on Story of My Bros. F%CKING hate Shelf life and Slouch Every thing Andrew Wells touches is GOLD. Strong 7.
  4. SLAP THAT AOTY ON THAT BAD BOY ALREADY ! also the fact that Story of My Bros is pop-punk-ish made my day
  5. I don't know what you guys talking about, the whole song is a sweet groovy build to that moment you shake your bootyyy
  6. But I do hate them for making me think that something is wrong with my speakers in The Colour Of Leaving
  7. True, although I think this one is more unique\risky
  8. Why do I get this weird 80's vibe from this album? VanHalenCore y'alllll
  9. Great album! Actually caught me by surprise, didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do
  10. 1. David Maxim Micic — Who Bit the Moon 2. Kendrick Lamar — DAMN. 3. CHON — Homey 4. August Burns Red — Phantom Anthem 5. Counterparts — You're Not You Anymore 6. BROCKHAMPTON — Saturation II 7. Circa Survive — The Amulet 8. Tyler, the Creator — Scum Fuck Flower Boy 9. I the Mighty — Where The Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let it Go 10. Neck Deep — The Peace and the Panic
  11. All the songs miss 3-4 seconds in the end :<
  12. They've become so repetitive it's kinda sad to watch\hear. I really dig That's Just Life tho
  13. Well I guess the scene can't handle every band releasing a good album, gotta have some very bad ones to balance the crazy amount of amazing ones in 2016.