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  1. Had to really listen to it for a week, that being said, as someone that hopped on the hype train around the release of IG I think this album's great but MS is still peak DGD Tilian era IMO. Another epic realease for the 20scene20.
  2. Sounds unfinish and really Jesusy, but I guess the music is dope (?)
  3. Defeater, NJ, Counterparts, SFTP all in the same year?! Gimme that STYG and we got ourselves a hardcore flush year. ALL HAIL!
  4. PERIPHERY, LOVE THAT SHIT! Anyone else hears Hoobastanks The reason in the beginning of the second chorus of It's Only Smiles? Just me? mmmkay
  5. Is it only me or parts in The Lotus sound like xxxtentacions Look at me?
  6. Been eagerly waiting for this one, thanks!
  7. Been waiting for this one, thank you!
  8. This band can do no wrong, how can 4 songs be so satisfying? Automata for AOTY!
  9. Well maybe because it's the first time and the fact I listened to happiness right before the leak and I'm bit overwhelmed
  10. They finally did it, they finally went full easy-core-pizzaborswithdavedays on Story of My Bros. F%CKING hate Shelf life and Slouch Every thing Andrew Wells touches is GOLD. Strong 7.
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