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  1. there new album victorious comes out August 2nd
  2. the albums leaked already on spotify but you guys may know that the album is hella good
  3. Really waiting for the target bonus tracks i loved this album!
  4. Target is going to have 2 bonus tracks. There called 13. Generation 14. Straight To Hell
  5. Had a feeling it was this or the new a7x tune for b04 lol
  6. Now we need nsync to come back lol I give it a week and our last night is going to cover it lol
  7. Still hoping you will add the mp3 concert audio from lbc and jade helm and the nightmare demo feat. The rev
  8. This song wont be on the album but theres a new live track called 20/20 on youtube no studio version yet its pretty heavy
  9. Thanks:) bow waiting for Asking Alexandria,August Burns Red and hollywood undead
  10. Thank you i really like it i gives a pinkly smooth vibe also i dont think its from the stage evolve i dont think its the original song they were talking about maybe this is a extra for us because its on that video game otherwise they would have metioned it being part of the evolving of the stage
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