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  1. HOE.LEE.SHEEEET This smacks. Very good. Defo one of their bests song if not the best overall.
  2. I love 10 Years they never really disappoint... love listening to their tracks on the train for some reason.
  3. mmmm I just got a nipple erection! WHAT AN EPIC BANGER... 9/10 EASY
  4. So stoked for this film. 3 days to go. Song's good, matches the Ludwig's original score that can be heard in the trailers or the IMAX prologue.
  5. I've seen both bands perform in Vienna with Eskimo being the main act. It's a bit cheesy, their (Eskimo's) shows are more akin to a dancing party than a post-hardcore show. Their songs are very poppy with catchy choruses. Annisokay's approach is more "serious" and I like their style much more. Let me put it this way... if you just wanna have fun and get drunk with friends, dance and forget about the outside world for a while, Eskimo Callboy is a better choice. If you want a tad more serious, good music or if you don't feel like having party with dancing clowns, then Annisokay is a better choice.
  6. This is the best Post-Hardcore band from Germany. Period.
  7. I'll probably get roasted for this... It's not bad, I get the grunge vibe, BUT it's starting to sound a bit dated at this point...I hope the album isn't entirely like this, it does actually feel a tad monotonous after a while. Just first impressions, but they could make some tweaks to make it sound modern, I don't want to say "more original" cuz they themselves indeed are fairly original, though I would prefer something FRESH/NEW. Almost sounds like if they were afraid to experiment or try something new... idk All in all...It doesn't have the "WOW" effect it could have had.
  8. yaaay let's goooo, The Killers are not "hype" anymore and that is quite good! It's a gem within the realms of its style. Brandon's voice brings me back to the good ol' days of early '00s for some reason, you know, the time when... there was still hope for a better tomorrow.
  9. It's not bad...but... for some reason I'm not diggin' it. Expected something else
  10. This sounds like something @desk would like
  11. Production on this one sounds like an EP from 2006 rather than 2020. MEH.
  12. I feel very suicidal when istening to Laura Marling for some reason. Great for a temporary change from heavy stuff when working long hours.
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