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  1. Caught serious Worriers vibes from the linked song, more pop centric though. Might give this a listen since I don't find many vox like Lauren Denitzio. Find the name a bit cringe though lol.
  2. Some of these songs are pretty good. Overall a bit of a disappointment from Parachutes.
  3. Yeah i guess thats all. However it kinda annoys me this is called an ep then
  4. From what I heard this might not be the complete thing idk. All of this was in an 88rising vid advertising a Joji x Guess thing so not much of an ep
  5. This has been coming up for a bit. But i didnt think it would be just this tbh. Pretty incomplete and the remix is just kinda there lol
  6. Hadn't gotten around to listening to this band until now. This feels really like some old classic pop punk bands I like, quite enjoyable.
  7. This sounds really good! Not big on how Soupy censors himself though.
  8. I don't really hear it, still pretty good.
  9. They have been posting on twitter and such about being in the studio and new music + they have been playing some new songs live since some of 2018
  10. I've been waiting for these songs, thank you
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