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  1. When there's more gospel sections than screams on an issues album lol
  2. Their catalog imo... 1. Black diamonds 2. Self titled 3. Headspace 4. Beautiful oblivion Lol if that isn't a downward tractory idk what it
  3. Wow what a dissapointment, sounds like a 90's r&b/neo soul album
  4. Been a fan since black diamonds, this is their worst song ever. Lyrics/subject matter are terribly lame, try hard & corny asf
  5. Dark divine was my favorite album of 2017, still play it weekly. This is fire but didn't catch my ear right off the bat like the majority dark divine did, maybe it's a grower.
  6. Jeremy McKinnon definitely had a big hand I'm writing this one. I LOVE wage war but never really liked Cody's contribution to the band, however this song is really good. Simple but effective
  7. Easily their best song ever, FUCKING FIRE!!!
  8. I listened to "Careful what you wish for" Maybe 5 times total then deleted from my phone "The hell I overcame" Was/Is a BANGER played the shit out of it & still do. This song is boring listened twice and deleted it
  9. 🔥 🔥 🔥 This is going to BLOW UP ADTR Even bigger than they already are, song of the summer for sure!
  10. I've liked a few of their singles here and there, overall a fun albeit kinda cringey album but I'm here for it lol. The genre should be "millennials do dad dad rock" tho lol
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