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  1. Someone should throw a passtheleak or zippyshare link up, mirrorace SUCKS BALLS
  2. Life's not out to get you is 1 of the best pop punk albums of the last 10 year's imo. The Peace & the panic was a solid 5/10 however every song they've dropped since "she's a god" shows MAJOR regression. It's kind of sad seeing these dudes fall off so hard, their views on YouTube are also way down with the new material. They need to get back with wade & McKinnon for the next album and make some fire
  3. We already have an Asian Oli sykes tho, Noah from bad omens lol
  4. This song is pretty sick imo, WAY better than violence & anything on self titled
  5. Dude you're dumb as hell lol smh, this - means through. Everything from their EP (from sheep to wolves) - (through) The album (familiar faces)
  6. Yooo is that Michael Barr & Myke Terry double teaming the vocals??
  7. Hence the reason I said "From their EP - Familiar faces" lol smh
  8. Loved everything from the EP - Familiar faces, but this is trash. Fuckboy-core chase Atlantic type shit ?
  9. They're on a fucking roll lately, loved "wilt" and all 3 of these songs bang! SAD could be a big one for them imo
  10. Best song they've released since "dark matter"
  11. Top 10 Songs Of 2019 (For the fuck of it) 1. SWS - Break Me Down 2. OM&M - EARTH&SKY 3. Marshmello & ADTR - Rescue Me 4. BMTH - sugar honey ice & tea 5. ADTR - Resentment 6. Attila - Toxic 7. Varials - I Suffocate 8. Motionless In White - Disguise 9. ISSUES - Drink about it 10. BMTH - why you gotta kick me when I'm down?
  12. You guys are SLEEPING on OM&M - EARTH&SKY 1. OM&M - EARTH&SKY 2. BMTH - AMO 3. ISSUES - Beautiful Oblivion 4. Attila - Villian 5. Crown The Empire - Sudden Sky 6. Eat Your Heart Out - Floresence 7. Nine Shrines - Retribution Therapy 8. Wolf & Bear - EP 9. Wage War - Pressure 10. Motionless In White - Disguise Honorable Mentions: Thousand Below - Gone In Your Wake Vanish - Familiar Faces Vrsty - Blck (Deluxe) Life Right Now - Avant Guard Dealer - Soul Burn
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