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  1. Clarity in Kerosene is already fixed on Spotify and Youtube, is there going to be update of this leak as well?
  2. Song: overall boring Artwork: oh boi Overall feelings towards potential new LP: not good
  3. it is also 20 seconds on Spotify, I asked n,n. about this on twitter maybe he's going to reply
  4. Oh hell yeah, I always wished for one takes to be released in form of an album and here we are
  5. Well Im all for rapcore cover of Hamilton, Im gonna check them out
  6. Can't wait for the full one takes release
  7. got strong Grandson vibes here
  8. They took the best from Ludens, and their short electronicore period of Sempiternal and created this piece of a banger, incoming release feels like it's gonna be their best and I'm living for it 10/10 single
  9. interesting mix, I really dig it
  10. Is he finally going to release his one takes as LP or is this just this one?
  11. With all respect to C418, but Lena Raine is one of the best things that happened to Minecraft soundtrack, Pigstep is fucking lit, don't sleep on this one guys
  12. Wow this is weird as hell. I love it!
  13. Wow, those female vocals are absolute garbage XD but on the other hand, I love the instrumentals and overall electronic of the track. Still big skip tho
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