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  1. Judging from the title it's gonna be about the last Tool album
  2. Are they planning on releasing the whole thing in one night? Wasn't expecting the second single so fast
  3. Finally the AOTY has arrived, I'm buffled it's not on trending yet
  4. Nice hearing this as a full fledged song, I really like it on Isolation Assembly, it's the best from both spectrums of n,n.'s style
  5. Well it's generic, but executed well and a good listen, after all it's not Psalms EP
  6. I fucking love new direction BMTH chose, it's such a banger
  7. Divisions Deluxe with such reimaginations as this one would be killer
  8. I was wandering when he start to release singles from anti-icon, this one is sooo good, makes me hyped about full lp
  9. Damn wasn't expecting this, it's such a bop
  10. Just listened through it all and it's a supreme banger with heavy BFMV "Fever" vibes, love it Can't wait for bonus track to show up
  11. Oh yes just what masochistic part of me wanted this evening
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