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  1. I was a big fan of MGK, Yunglbud & Travis collab from Hotel Diablo, and I'm a fan of this as well, it's catchy as hell. I wish they'd do a whole album with this lineup or smth
  2. Eagle Owl's leak threads, Bongo Man threads that always ended up pinned on top of trending, threads of hyped up releases, and something that always got me, download folder names changed to incorporate "KL" in some puny way
  3. There's a list of downloading sites on KL Discord server
  4. Got the vibes of a bit heavier Starset, I'm digging it
  5. This was the best place for me to find some new interesting music RIP KL, thanks for everything
  6. Muuum can we have some BMTH No, we've got BMTH at home BMTH at home:
  7. Glad their back with some new material
  8. Finally, some good fucking Green Day
  9. Wow they're back, and with a fucking bomb
  10. Can't wait for them to put out LP, their songs are bangers
  11. Oh yes, love their mix of prog metal and electronic
  12. This album seems to be huge change of style from last ones, I'm interested how it plays out
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