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  1. You can rip vinyls though. It'll get posted
  2. I've been loving all the instrumentals that have come out this year. Hope it continues
  3. When was this played? On triple J I assume?
  4. Singles have been pretty underwhelming for the most part but keen to check it out tonight There's a Livestream/release show of some sorts on twitch later this week for anyone interested
  5. It's coming! I'd expect it out mid year
  6. Fuck me up this is huge! Massive, massive year ahead for them. One of the top bands in the genre
  7. Yeah this EP kinda makes soul burn feel like the B-side to it. Not sure it'll have a lot of staying power
  8. 1. Northlane - Alien 2. Thornhill - The Dark Pool 3. Gravemind - Conduit 4. Void of Vision - Hyperdaze 5. Frank Carter - The End of Suffering 6. Bring Me The Horizon - Amo 7. Diamond Construct - Diamond Construct A top 7 will do me just fine
  9. It's good compared to the more recent ADTR releases but it's still just ADTR doing ADTR things and nothing else. It's added that subtle electronic element that every band is doing these days. Breakdown is sick though. Not expecting much from a full record if this is anything to go by.
  10. This song is super catchy and lyrically interesting. I'm glad they released this becsuse as much as I enjoyed their previous record, I'd be damn bored of the mortal coil 2.0 real quick
  11. It's alright, nothing too special. It comes off a little flat.
  12. Yeah green was fucking sick but they've been awfully quiet besides that
  13. I haven't liked either of the last two releases at all but he is a hell of a lot better live
  14. Generic as fuck but i think itll end up being quite catchy
  15. Not entirely sure how i feel about this one just yet but it definitely has me psyched to listen to the full album.
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