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  1. Yeah green was fucking sick but they've been awfully quiet besides that
  2. I haven't liked either of the last two releases at all but he is a hell of a lot better live
  3. Generic as fuck but i think itll end up being quite catchy
  4. Not entirely sure how i feel about this one just yet but it definitely has me psyched to listen to the full album.
  5. When I first heard them I described them to a friend as a heavy sounding belle haven. This explains a lot! I saw them open for The Art last weekend. They were good!
  6. Ahhh finally! This is everything I hoped for and more. They're easily the next big Australian heavy act. A massive contender for AOTY.
  7. What a band! Still hoping we get something from them in the future..
  8. They've never been one to think outside the box but what they do, they do really well! This Is quite bland by their standards. The lyrics are pretty bad and the song doesn't flow very well
  9. There's always gonna be bands recycling the same shit. If you do that, you need to do it really, really well or you get lost amongst all the trash that gets put out. But there are plenty of bands breaking the mould such as silent planet and the likes
  10. I'm going to resist this until the release. So damn psyched! The singles have been huge!
  11. What was announced alongside it? A full length? The song goes hard. Can't wait to see them alongside Make them Suffer in two weeks
  12. Sure is! His solo stuff is good. Went under the name little brother up until recently
  13. Was a little unsure the first listen but damn this keeps getting better and better.
  14. Not bad, not a huge fan of the mix but I definitely need to read the lyrics with it bwfore I fully judge it. Their reddit AMA was garbage
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