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  1. I never got into anything before Lost Together/Lost Forever which was pretty good and All Our Gods...is just a phenomenal step up from that in every single way and would be in my all time top 10
  2. Lyrically its deep in emotion but not as strongly written with Tom no longer around. Josh's influence is all over it with the guitaring. Plenty of Tom's writing in here too; Mortal After All, Damnation... production is huge. They were never going to top AOGHAU - its perfect in every way but they also had to do something a little different which they have. It's very much a snapshot of everything they've gone through in the time since Tom's passing. Death is Not Defeat 4.5 Hereafter 4 Mortal After All 4 Holy Hell 4 Damnation 4 Royal Beggars 3 Modern Misery 3 Dying to Heal 4 The Seventh Circle 4 (I dont know how I feel about this. It feels out of place on the album but would be huge live) Doomsday 5 A Wasted Hymnn 4.5
  3. xylar

    Hellions - Rue (2018)

    I've listened to this probably 5 or 6 times already and it just gets better and better. Its uniquely hellions but still quite different from Opera Oblivion. Odessey is incredible. I liked the singles and they've grown a tonne too. Won't be AOTY but that's been locked in for me since March with Casey. Nothing compares.
  4. Just saw shortly after i posted. Keen!
  5. A bit of a natural progression of sorts without venturing too far away from their core sounds. 8/10 hopefully the album drops before the new year
  6. I enjoy the song. It was more clever than anything. No great put downs but yeah. Had balls to call Eminen out and now more people know him than ever.
  7. Alkaline Trio by a mile. Average month of releases.
  8. I disagree about the BMTH throwaways but even the catchy Ahren stringer parts are auto-tuned as all fuck. He's a good singer anyway! Just leave it. But yeah, pretty trash.
  9. A few good songs and some absolutely awful songs. D.I.E is terrible along with Feels Like I'm Dying, Black Cloud and Burn Alive. Ivy is alright and Kick. Rocks Probably gets a 4/10
  10. So first run through. Friday forever is a Rebecca black inspired terrible song. The rest is pretty good. I can feel it calling is a huge closer; daydreamer 2.0. Its good without being great.
  11. Nah fuck with confidence. They kick out one member for innapropriate behaviour with a minor but when the vocalist gets accused they go all quiet because they can't replace him. Shittest dudes.
  12. Watched the film clip for Friday forever this morning. Not a fan of the song and the film clip is terrible. Dont mind the first two singles. Keen to hear the rest
  13. Best track since Adrian left by far. Shit is heavy!
  14. Wasnt a big fan. Lyrically generic, average vocals at best (cleans are decent). Nothing that stands out. Moving on...
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