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  1. Pretty much everything this dude creates makes my nips a little hard, this song is no different
  2. I’m so bummed about this. I used to love these dudes. BOOO!!!!
  3. This dude should have stayed in Incredible Me. This is a snooze fest unfortunately. Hopefully better things to come
  4. Oh, I wish I would have known this was a female vocalist
  5. @Adec21 maybe do some research before you comment ?
  6. I told Mikey this song was ass on Facebook and he blocked me hahaha I told him he better not come here and read these comments, he might have an aneurism
  7. What?.... this is not good at all
  8. It's insane how soft these guys are now. So disappointing.
  9. This worst part is that all the Austin fan girls will give this band the opportunity to keep sucking and getting away with it.
  10. BMTH is the biggest example, and I think they started the trend of drastic change
  11. Definitely not bad, sounds like these dudes are trying really really hard to get on the radio
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