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  1. Jesus christ, this album is incredibly tight for a debut EP
  2. Oh my god, i'm so hyped for this, thank you!!!
  3. Feeling kinda the same, but i'm just still amazed. It's maybe less heavy and more melodic, in a lot of ways, but i can't feel bad because it's still true to their style, and still ATB. Need a few more listens though to be sure about it.
  4. @Nick_7621 Any chance seeing these 2 here? I'm really looking for a good quality version of Pride and humility, with no luck so far. I'd be extremely greatful!
  5. Hoooooooooly Jesus, this is next level. Thank you so much!!
  6. I was so stoked on this, and i have to say, i'm not disappointed. Amazing record, from start to finish, with all the unique aspects.
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